Don’t Use God To Guilt Others

Caleb Harris

Not a lot of posts on social media get under my skin, the only posts that irritate me are the guilt posts about God or Religion. For example, “Don’t scroll past this without sharing God”.

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Who are you to tell me what to do? Are you trying to tell me that if I do not post this than I don’t believe in God and I’m going to hell. It’s funny because majority of the people posting these things to social media are likely going out on the weekends engaging in inappropriate, UNGODLY, and dangerous behavior in these ratchet clubs and house parties on a Friday or Saturday night, then stroll into to church on Sunday preaching, “Thank you God for another day!” Stop bringing God into your immature behavior, he sees right through you. Also, most of these people don’t even listen or understand the bible. Let alone how to properly interpret it. People post these statuses such as, “Don’t scroll past this without sharing God” for social media likes and shares in desperation of “Friends and Followers” to like, share, and comment on their posts to make them feel special. Makes me sick! Hopefully, we can end these kind of posts in 2018!

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