Awards Shows Suck Now!

Yes, you read the title right, awards shows suck now! The real musicians that are worth a damn are struggling eating ramen noodles every day to get people to hear their voices, constantly promoting themselves via SoundCloud, youtube, and other media platforms. Only, to be shunned by another duplicate twat without an original idea or creative passion in their body.

All of a sudden, everyone is a politician. Awards are focusing on Donald Trump or something relating to social justice. If that’s what you want to talk about, COOL. Just don’t use an award show as your personal platform/soapbox. Instead, HELP MAKE YOUR COMMUNITY A SAFER AND BETTER PLACE INSTEAD OF TRYING TO FIX THE WORLD!! The “REAL” people watching at home want to hear who’s going to win the award, not about political issues. Is that too much to ask for? 

Lately, it has been such a buzz kill to hear another polarizing figure get on stage and complain about how the world needs to change or lecture us about what we need to do. Meanwhile, they live in an extravagant mansion without a care in the world. THAT’S A FACT!

They don’t care about you or me. It’s all about staying relevant any means necessary. Also, you have to love when hypocrites put god into their B.S. “I’d like to thank god for this award!” Hip-hop, Rap, and R&B Are guilty of this behavior. Most of those people don’t believe God at all. Think about it. How could you even dare to say typical phrases, such as “Good is Good” and “Only God can judge me” when you broadcast various half-naked women gyrating and seducing the camera like modern-day strippers in music videos. But I guess only God can judge you though!

Lastly, most of these songs are about sex, drugs, and alcohol, as if this is all life has to offer.  As previously stated, This God that most of these people keep referring to does not think this behavior is moral. Majority of Commercial/radio music sucks because it doesn’t have any valuable meaning, passion, life lessons, or any understandable lyrics to relate to. It’s just a bunch of umbel rap (Migos, 21 Savage, and Lil’ Whatever,) commercial music, and social justice propaganda.  Bruno Mars won six honors, including song, record, and album of the year at the 60th annual Grammy Awards. Bruno Mars Sucks!  He samples almost, if not, everything! Okay, Treasure isn’t terrible. However, the rest of his music isn’t great! Bruno Mars is alive and making “Music”, while Prince, Michael Jackson and various artists that made “Real Music” have passed away. This is the world we live in today. WOW, what a time to be alive! 





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