The Maury Show: 18 years of Public Humiliation

We live in a world where people are putting their own personal problems out for display on national television. Why? I have no idea! Correct me if I’m wrong, but whatever happened to the motto: DEAL WITH YOUR PERSONAL PROBLEMS IN PRIVATE, not in public. Now we wonder why a lot of people are unemployed, obese, or their brains are undeveloped. It’s because most people are sitting down too much, staring at their television and stuffing their faces with Doritos while watching the Maury show! Most people are concerned about what happens on the Maury show, instead of what happens in their own lives.

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The Maury show usually broadcasts an ignorant woman yelling at the top of her lungs, belittling a man screaming, “You are the Father!” as the mindless sheep, (the studio audience) cheers and encourages her behavior. On the other hand, this same tolerant audience berates the man for just showing up to the show to see if he’s even the father. Meanwhile, not a lot of people are speaking against her promiscuous behavior! 

You wanna hear a joke? Maury actually reads the results “You are not the father!” It’s even funnier when Maury tells the woman we will find out who the father of your kid is. And oh, don’t you love it when Maury tells the man, “If this is you’re baby, are you going to take responsibility AS A MAN and be a FATHER in this child’s life.” However, I guess it slips his mind to tell the female, “Why didn’t you take the proper precautions before having sex.” Which brings me to Sholanda.

Out of these ten women, Sholanda has been on the show more than once. Don’t worry though, she’s only been on the show 17 times. Thankfully, she found the father of her baby Kayla, it only took four years though. (September 2004- February 2008) I wonder, did he even tell his producers not to feature Sholanda and suggest therapy for her instead. Or is Maury just in it for the money? Peer Speculation!


No. of Tests




19, 3 children

Sept. 2004-Feb. 2008

Found father of youngest 2


17, 6 children

Feb. 2001-Feb. 2013

Found fathers of 3 out of 6


16, 2 children

Nov. 2013 to April or May 2014

Did not find either father


14, 3 children

May 2001- Feb 2006

Found father of 1 out of the 3


13, 2 children

2000-Feb. 2004

Found father of older one


11, 3 children

Feb. 2003-Feb. 2005

Found father of youngest 2


11, 1 child

Feb. 2005-Jul. 2006

Did not find the father


11, 1 child

Nov. 2003-May 2007

Did not find the father


10, 5 children

Feb. 2005-Nov. 2014

Found the father of youngest 2


10, 1 child

Feb. 2004-Nov. 2006

Did not find the father

On her thirteenth appearance of the Maury show, Maury says, “I want you to give some space to our guest Sholoanda, Do not judge her until you know her whole story.” Wait a minute, isn’t it judgmental when men are disrespected by the audience? As soon as you hear, “Everyone, please welcome Tyrone.” The audience boos this man as he begins to walk down the stairs, greet Maury and find the results of the child. In reality, we don’t even know her. She could be lying about this man to mend a broken heart. I don’t know about all of you but I don’t trust anybody that I do not know. The audience rarely listens to both sides of the story, they usually side with the woman. The narrative of the Maury show is Guilty until proven innocent. Don’t judge Sholanda though. Okay, Maury, whatever you say. I won’t judge a woman who has had 19 paternity tests on your show. I promise!

YOU GOT IT, DUDE -   YOU GOT IT, DUDE  You got it dude

Unpopular opinion: If you do not know who the father of your kid is, you are a whore!

Lastly, I don’t hate Maury Povich the person, I hate the show. This train wreck began in 1991, I hope it ends in 2018. I have a dream that one day we will not deal with a private matter in public and make themselves look unintelligent.  Hey, I guy can dream, right? 

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The men on the show are portrayed as deadbeats, losers, and little boys, while the women are applauded for their behavior for acting less feminine and being overly promiscuous. It’s not right. The problem with the show is that it’s portraying terrible stereotypes of people and exploiting them on national television. Personally, I’d rather pick up a book. At least reading can increase your comprehension skills, what does watching television accomplish though? If you find out email me at I’d love to know.



  1. Interesting piece. However, I don’t think calling these women whores is the way to go about it. Yea it’s unconventional and probably scripted, but these people sign up for shows like this one. I think it’d be more proactive to focus on the people setting up these stories, scouting for cases and continuing to bring in people who obviously need help and just ridiculing them. Not even Maury is to blame entirely if you really think about it. I was expecting to read something where you talked about the corporations taking advantage of people in need for high ratings and advertisement deals, not for the people coming on the show. They probably need the money and figure “hey fuck it, maybe if I go on this show, I’ll get some money and who knows maybe even get the help I need.” Don’t you agree?


    1. I appreciate your feedback, I put the “Whore” comment on there not to be mean but to be honest. The chart is included to back up my information and to further prove this show and shows like these are not the solution and to convey that making personal problems public is detrimental to one’s mental health. Getting help in private is better than receiving it in public in any scenario. Money isn’t everything to me. However, it’s unfortunate that a lot of people need and will resort to anything most of the time to get it. I do agree with the point you made, “I think it’d be more proactive to focus on the people setting up these stories, scouting for cases and continuing to bring in people who obviously need help and just ridiculing them.” Obviously, they are wrong, not right for bringing these people on the show as well as the corporations. The corporations will continue to make money, however, if people keep making appearances on this show. If people stop coming to the show then that solves a lot for shows like the Maury show. Maury has a small amount of the blame because it’s his show and he is one of the executive producers. It’s the Maury show. I don’t hate or envy Maury he’s just doing his job. I just wish people would stop giving this show and shows like this attention.


  2. I remember that show! I visited the states as a younger woman some years ago and couldn’t believe what I was seeing! I can’t believe that show has lived so long. I was embarrassed for both the men and the women who were disgracing themselves. I feel bad for the kids who have now grown up and probably see footage of themselves as babies with their parents squabbling over their paternity! No doubt, it carries on, and will carry on for decades to come!


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