My Take on 11 Kripes by Lan Amore

Written by Caleb Harris

Lan Amore is an Experimental Hip-Hop artist from East Granby, CT and is currently affiliated with Phidelic Entertainment. His 10-track album “Heavy wait” was released in 2016 and the artist has been featured in the Connecticut Cypher “Grind Mode Cypher Connecticut Vol. 11 (prod. by Lingo)” where he was featured with other Connecticut artists such as Lingo, Sam Sos, Louis Cheese, and Scarz. Lan Amore’s current album “11 Kripes” was produced by Kid Ocean and mixed/mastered by Caden Ebert. Furthermore, the album discussing the issues that young and old people go through today. If you haven’t checked it out, I don’t know what you are doing with your life. Especially, if you have a love for hip-hop music.

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This album didn’t strike me as a party album, however, more of a self-reflection of day-to-day life. Lan Amore is a very rare breed. His style and lyricism are a lot different from today’s age of mumble rap and commercial music. After listening to each track it reminded me of Logic’s mixtape: “Young Broke and Infamous”. Both albums have very similar grit and personal lyrics that you can relate to. I would compare Lan Amore’s style of music to similar artists such as Lecrae, Dizzy Wright, Ahmad, and Common Sense. All of these artists tell you what is going on in the world with creative lyrics and phenomenal lyrical content that you can understand. Lan Amore is “For the People” and is somebody that you can relate to because he discusses various issues such as identity issues, drugs, alcohol, financial issues, and the future. A couple of lyrics really stood out to me.

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For instance, the following track Straightforward, “high on something personal.” I closed my eyes, reflected on my 24 years of living and I realized that sometimes I’ve held on to a lot of personal vendettas against a lot of people. What I interpreted from this whole song “Straightforward” is that as people it’s hard for us to let go because we remind ourselves of a past situation too much. Hints the lyrics, “high on something personal”. I recently stopped hanging out with certain people in my life because I realized they were bringing down my personal happiness by engaging in inappropriate behavior and refusing to change themselves. The next track that stood out to me was Forcefield, the lyrics, “I’m afraid of the future shit just aint’ what it used too.”

Furthermore, this is an organic album that is different from the mainstream media that’s trying to shove commercial happiness down our throats. Instead, this album tells me the struggles of Lan Amore and what he had to overcome throughout his life. Also, the album broadcast his perseverance because it is easy to give up. The artist wants to carry on through the good and bad times anyway because that’s life. Life can give you lemons, it’s your turn to make lemonade. This album is not a party album and not meant for the radio.

The overall album is laid back so I would suggest inviting a couple of friends over for a relaxed night of pizza, beer, wings and be prepared to have a conversation about the meaning of life. This is not the album for the club goers who grind their business up against each other. Its meant for the laid back crowd who sometimes like to stay in one night and kick back with the locals instead of staying out all night.

Overall, the album has good lyrical content, vocals, and instrumentation. Although the hooks for some the songs seemed too generic and a little too slow for my taste, the album conveyed an overall message of hardships and struggles into a progression of inspiration and ambition. Every track on the album has a great flow and a meaningful message. But most importantly, you can actually understand the lyrics! As I previously stated, this is not a commercial album or another mumble rap album where these so-called “artists” scream, yell, and constantly talk about drugs, hoes, money, and alcohol to prove how edgy and cool they are. Continuously, dumbing down our society. (More on that in a future blog post) In reality, their music sucks and should be thrown in the trash because it doesn’t have any meaning or life lessons to be learned. 11 Kripes has something that a lot of music lacks today, “a message”.

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Lastly, this is the kind of sound meant for the local kids and young adults. This album conveys many themes such as perseverance, life, and ambition. But most importantly, it caters to anyone looking to make work harder every day for themselves without losing their friends, family or the perception of reality.

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