Drinking commercials vs. Tobacco Commercials

I saw another anti-smoking commercial. You may have seen it but it was a remedy to twinkle twinkle little star.  However, “The truth” cleverly remixed the song to say “twinkle twinkle little dick”. The implication is quite simple, if you smoke cigarettes you will suffer from erectile dysfunction, even though the same thing happens when you’ve had too much alcohol in your system as well. “The truth” does an outstanding job getting people to recognize how harmful cigarettes can be to your health. I just wish they would have this same approach to drinking because young teens drink as well. We rarely see commercials acknowledging that both drinking and smoking are detrimental to your health. Society will do whatever it takes to shame people for smoking but glorify drinking as harmless fun. Which doesn’t make sense to me.

You don’t see many alcohol commercials with that hard-hitting message. For example, commercials always show a group of guys enjoying a couple of beers at the bar cheering on the game. They’re always telling you about the next beer or liquor to buy because you’ll have to have a good time. I’ve only seen a couple of alcohol commercial discussing negative side effects of alcohol but it’s always about drinking and driving. Just don’t do it because you will cause a car accident or kill someone. Don’t get me wrong keep making more of these commercials. However, let’s keep the playing field equal and not try to manipulate people. After an anti-tobacco commercial notice how you’re getting statistics during or after the commercial. In many commercials about alcohol, towards the end, it will say “Drink Responsibly”. Alcohol is not always a fun time. It can cause irregular heartbeat, erectile dysfunction, premature deliverof muscle weakness and increased emotional problems. The problem is that we don’t have a lot of commercials shaming people for drinking like we do for smoking. Both are equally bad and should be treated as such.

Final Thoughts

wake up

I wrote this back on March 19, 2018, on my Facebook page. “So many commercials are glorifying drinking as nothing more than a fun time. Tobacco smoking is constantly berated in so many commercials. Having too many drinks or cigarettes can kill you either way. You can’t have fun when you’re dead. Just saying.” Analyze what you’re watching nowadays because people are trying to give you false information. In this instance, drinking is better than smoking tobacco. It’s not like drinking doesn’t have negative side effects among younger and older people such as binge drinking, liver diseases, memory loss, and depression. However, it’s rare that you’ll find these commercials broadcasting this because it wouldn’t make money. Telling everyone that Tobacco is bad for you by using shame tactics constantly is selling a lot of money and that’s one of the main reasons why these anti-tobacco commercials are around. If everyone was at a bar having fun smoking tobacco inside like back in the day no one would make these commercials. Stop buying into these alcohol commercials broadcasting a good time at the party or the bar. It doesn’t matter if you smoke or drink because if you have too many drinks or cigarettes you’re putting your health in jeopardy because you decided to not make responsible choices with your life.

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