Reality Television: The negative impact on young women

Ah, I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was 2008 and I was a 14-year-old boy who tuned into “Flavor of Love”, “I Love New York”, and “I Love Money” to find out if Flavor Flav or New York would find true love and who would double-cross who to win the money. What a time to be alive! However, the older I became I realized these shows are heavily produced for television ratings. We all know “Drama sells tickets” right! Now I am starting to realize there is a deeper and poisonous side of reality television that portrays women as party girls with bad attitudes, a lack of responsibility and morals.

Bad Girls Club

bad girls club

Let’s examine one of the most chaotic shows, “Bad Girls Club”. The show was created by Jonathan Murray for the Oxygen network in the United States. The show featured seven highly aggressive and unruly women who engaged in altercations and physical confrontations for our own amusement. I don’t think it’s funny because it’s translated to a lot of modern women having too many drinks, swearing like sailors, wearing provocative clothing, and fighting one another over petty arguments.

On this show, these women acted like Stone Cold Steve Austin, both drinking, fighting, and jumping to conclusionsns to prove how bad they are. In “reality”, they’re just embarrassing themselves. There’s a video of 20-year-old Mariana Silver, that smashed a Greyhound buses windows after a road rage-related traffic incident, and then tried to run over the driver of the bus with her own vehicle. She would have been perfect for this show because she fits the demographic reality television producers are looking for.

Everyday Life

According to the Atlantic, “Over the last 8 years, all the new, non-TV things—Facebook, phones, YouTube, Netflix—have only cut about an hour per day from the dizzying amount of TV that the average household watches. Americans are still watching more than 7 hours and 50 minutes per household per day.” Our society is becoming more invested in media instead of turning it off and spending more time outside. If you know who she is, call DC Police. And seeing that we watch “7 hours and 50 minutes per household per day” I can only imagine how much reality television is being watched in that time span.

Many people walk around like mindless zombies and don’t think or question anything nowadays. The stated that “In 2011, the Girl Scouts organization released a survey that found that more than half the girls viewing reality television believed what they were seeing was “mainly real and unscripted.” Most people cannot separate reality from real life leaving them with a confused and misguided concept of life. Job discusses that “Reality TV isn’t only popular for Americans, but all over the world. One report indicates that for girls ages 12 – 17 years old, 3 out of 4 of their favorite television shows were reality TV shows.” WAIT! “Girls ages 12 – 17 years old, 3 out of 4 of their favorite television shows were reality TV shows” go to YouTube and type in girl fights or girl arguments, you will see girls from 12-17 years old fighting each other and arguing with one other. What do you see on the reality television show Bad Girls Club? The same exact thing!

smart guy


Furthermore, Commonsense allows the parents and the kids to rate this show. The parents rated the show 3 stars and the kids rating was 4 stars. Overall, most of the reviews encouraged this behavior of the show saying that it teaches life lessons, it’s just entertainment, and shows you how to live with people you barely know. Here are two reviews from a parent and a kid:


Adult: Written waysofthefuture, June 14, 2013: To be honest, I don’t mind my daughter watching this. Sure, there’s some violence, or, “popping of the cherry,” but a kid’s gonna learn this stuff sometimes! Besides, I’m sure my daughter is probably doing some of the stuff on the show — and that’s OK! She might be learning how to, “twerk?,” and “use hands”. But she has to learn what she needs to survive in this world. Plus, there are positive messages displayed by the cast on how to survive the house, as well as even how to be yourself. This show is perfectly fine.”

After reading these two reviews, both of them do not seem to mind the behavior, in fact, they may even glamorize it. “TV is a powerful influence on all of us, but particularly young girls who are looking for role models,” Los Angeles-based therapist Dr. Nancy Irwin told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “These shows glamorize the backbiting, gossiping, criticizing and competing with each other through beautiful hair, makeup, and clothes.” When young impressionable women do not have a stable family with core values such as respect, hard work, and dignity. They will turn to these shows for someone to show them the ropes of life.

The Typical Bad Girl Club Fight

fat girl bgc

The typical fight on the show follows the same formula: Two women get very intoxicated or angry then proceed to yell and scream in each other’s faces and insult one another with verbal jabs that hit below the belt. Then boom, they start throwing physical blows or continue the argument to try to force the other woman out of the house. In this fight, [BGC10-Paula vs Shannon (Full fight)] I can already see the anger and hostility building up in Paula. Her facial expressions are telling me that she’s annoyed by everything. Paula and Shannon obviously don’t like each other (What a shocker!) You would think that two women would be able to agree to disagree and part their separate ways RIGHT? WRONG! Just like the typical “bad girl” style, these women let their tension among each other build up and they fought each other because they let their anger get the best of them. They acted out on national television and embarrassing their loved ones. This is the “bad girl” explanation and goes a little something like this, “I destroyed all of her belongings, fought her, physically and mentally abused her because she’s not a real bad girl!” What does that say about the average woman? That she is unable to control her emotions? But just like the kids say, “It’s all just entertainment, It’s not even real so just calm down!”

Final Thoughts


Seventeen seasons featuring grown ass women behaving like children in a self-destructive matter for us to “enjoy”. The show may be over but the damage has been done. Many young women around the world are watching this garbage and imitating this behavior that they see on television. Shows like “The Bad Girls Club” have shown a negative side of women that show them as attention seeking, violent and unstable creatures with a purpose of destroying everything in sight, just to get their way. Unfortunately, there are more shows copying this same behavior. We have a lot of women that think this behavior is okay and it’s just entertainment. If only they knew by continuing to watch these shows your telling these reality television producers that you want to see more young women behave in an immoral matter and you don’t want to see women progress and act in a positive manner. Reality producers produce what makes ratings and continuing to watch these shows will not make it stop. The less attention reality television shows broadcasting a negative stereotype of women producers will have no choice but to feature women conducting themselves with class by working hard, respecting themselves and setting an example for young women to want to look up to and inspire to be.

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