Wake up, Not everyone is your friend!


The older I get the more I realize everyone not everyone is my friend. It’s a cold realization but that’s the way things are. The reason why many of us keep getting hurt over and over again is that we think the people we met are our friends such as our co-workers.

Selfish Tendencies

Many people have selfish tendencies meaning that they only care and think about what’s best for them and only them. In the workplace, a co-worker will try to stab you in the back to gain a higher position. For example, your co-worker may invite you to the bar for happy hour. You’ve had too many drinks and all of a sudden you’re telling your coworker everything about who and what you don’t like about your job.  You arrive to work and other people are looking at you differently. It’s not a coincidence. That coworker you called your “friend” stabbed you in the back because they didn’t you’re viewed as competition or just blatant jealousy of what you have (Tall, strong, college degree and intelligence). Not every co-worker is your friend and the minute you start to question things, impressing your boss, and trying to change the way things are at work the average co-worker fears that you are competing against them to gain a higher position in the company which will result in them trying to get you fired.

Refrain from telling everyone your problems

Furthermore, be careful who you talk to about your personal problems, work issues, and other situations because people don’t keep secrets anymore. Everyone has their own agenda and you’ll never truly know what that is sometimes. The only way you can trust somebody nowadays is by telling them one thing, a lie. Seriously,  you have to make up a lie such as telling a co-worker at your job a lie.

The lie:  “I think this teacher is sleeping with the principal” the rumor will spread rapidly. This is how you’ll find out how real and trustworthy somebody is. If I tell you I think the teacher is sleeping with the principal and you openly tell another person I can’t tell you anything. The conversation was just between the both of us and you openly believed me and spread the rumor. Little did you know is that I was just testing you and you failed, miserably!

Final Thoughts


Lastly, a friend is someone that you love,  care, and trust. Friends don’t expose friends secrets or any personal information to complete strangers or people they barely even know. It’s funny how the playground rules and packs we made as kids have became destroyed in adult life. Just a whole bunch of scumbags trying to take something from you. Is everyone like this? Of course not! All am I saying is be careful who you label as your friend because most people don’t know what being a friend is. All they know us how to get ahead by any means necessary. Rethink what I’m saying when you’re going out for happy hour with your co-workers. Your best bet is to have a limit and not talk bad about the company because you cannot trust everyone and you may put your job in jeopardy. 

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