Bumping and Grinding is cheating

Bumping and Grinding is cheating

Is it cheating or not if you’re bumping and grinding on someone who is not your mate? I feel it is cheating because you’re disrespecting your mate by entertaining another person in a sexual manner.


 On Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night looking for a good time and let loose from the grueling work schedule or they’re looking to take a break from the books. The club is a combination of singles and partners. There’s alcohol being served all night for very cheap prices so the club can make a profit. Younger people (18-20) will still get their hands on a drink by simply asking their 21 and over friends to buy them one. All of these young naive kids and students are drunk and liable to make bad decisions.

90% of the people inside came into the club drunk or high so their decision-making isn’t clear. When you’re drinking alcohol or doing drugs your mind is not your own and your judgment isn’t clear. The process of “club cheating” is very simple: Boy meets girl on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night. The girl begins to bend over and grind up against the guy for a song or two. Since they’ve both been drinking they will eventually test the waters and hook up. Mind you, dancing is not just dancing anymore, it’s a grind fest. Boys and girls are grinding their genitalia against one another what else is supposed to happen?

Then, the morning comes, the phone calls/text messages are basically poor apologies from the woman or man for hooking up with someone else that wasn’t their mate. The trust or love is gone, which leads to the one you love leaving you. And just like that, one night of “harmless fun”, turns into a morning disaster, just like that. 


On the other hand, most people will argue, “It’s just senseless fun and it doesn’t lead to anything else!” Speaking from a single guys perspective I’m pretty sure the only reason why I would go to any club, to begin with, is to hook up, that’s it. I hate the music, the cover charge, and the drink prices! So if a woman is grinding up against me I’m looking to test the waters because I think she wants to hook up with me. However, if she isn’t with it I’m not going to keep entertaining her.

Lastly, boys and girls hormones increase even more when alcohol and mind-altering drugs are involved. It’s the reason why these young kids are making these decisions. If I’m dating a woman and she’s entertaining guys at the club by grinding on them we are done! I’m not going to let her disrespect me like that. She shouldn’t be at the club because clubs are for single people, not people in relationships. Morals, values, and self-respect have been thrown out of the window and replaced with the stupid and immature phrase, “Live your best life!” which is just code language for “Drink, smoke, do drugs, and have sex because we’re all going to die anyway!” This is not a lifestyle I agree with at all and it’s the reason why I’m not a club guy anymore. If you’re a man/woman and your boyfriend /girlfriend is grinding on another man/women leave their ass. I mean it’s obvious they do not want you or respect how you to feel. Your partner just wants the best of both worlds and is indecisive on what they really want in life. 


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