You are alone in toxic company

You are alone in toxic company

Many people are afraid to lose their friends due to their self-destructive behavior. It’s one of the reasons why we hold to these toxic “Friends” because we want to remember the good old days when you didn’t have to do drugs and alcohol to have fun. Back then, all you needed was good company to be around in order to have fun.

I don’t believe you should be destroying your body with drugs and alcohol. It’s okay to drink occasionally, however, never do heavy drugs because you never know what’s in them. One drug will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. On the other hand, another drug will have you feeling empty inside. Toxic people are very selfish which prohibits them to comprehend anything. They’ll tend to question why you don’t want to go a club or a bar every weekend to get wasted, trashed etc. with them because they just want to have fun and don’t care about their futures.


Before you self-medicate yourself, ask yourself, do you want to feel empty inside? You cannot succeed in life hanging out with people who every day, every weekend, or every other day do drugs (cocaine, heroin, acid etc) and drink heavily. People like this only are looking to have fun and are not focused on bettering themselves. How can you better yourself or fix your life if you’re around these toxic people? Answer: You can’t!

It’s okay to be alone. No really, it’s okay to be alone! Spending time with yourself sometimes is a good thing because that’s how you can figure yourself out, set your goals, and reconnect with your hobbies (Sports, collecting, etc.) that you have neglected. A lot of people love to use shame tactics for people who spend time by themselves. My fellow introverts and free-thinkers I know you’ve heard this one before, “Why are you always by yourself? What’s wrong with you, don’t you have any friends?” And the response you’ll give is something like this, “No, I just didn’t feel like going out tonight, that’s all?” To be honest, you’re not missing anything because you didn’t go to the club, bar or a house party. It’s usually the same kind of people anyway, nobody different. How you will notice this is by coming to clubs, bars, and house parties completely sober. The gears will start grinding in your head and you will say “Wait a minute, this is really boring!” As a society, most of us have relied so heavily on drugs and alcohol not only to have fun but to impress others because of a severe case of social anxiety.


You should always be aware of your own surroundings. I’m starting to realize most of the people that I’ve been around aren’t great for my health. I don’t owe them an explanation for why I distanced myself from them because of their toxic vibe. I can’t surround myself around people who do not like to listen, which prohibits them from understanding what they are actually doing wrong. When you lack the ability of listening and understanding, you can’t accept change.


For example, One night I told a former friend to quit drinking so much and focus on himself because I personally felt he was ruining his life. I spent a couple of minutes trying to explain this to him and yelled at him at one point. However, after seeing his state of mind, I realized, he’s not listening to me because he kept saying, “I’m not doing anything wrong!” I hope he gets the help he needs but I have to accept the fact that he may never change and keep my distance from him.

Wake up, not everybody is your friend. You may be like me and have a small circle because you’re mentally drained from the toxic energy of other people. This is perfectly okay! You gave up on them mostly because you don’t have anything in common with them anyway.

Everyone does not have your best interest at heart and a lot of people are just lost, confused, deranged and constantly looking for direction in all the wrong places. Hopefully, they’ll find help and find a purpose for themselves instead of consuming so much alcohol, drugs, blaming everyone else, and making immoral decisions. But don’t be surprised if they don’t change. Never be afraid to be alone because toxic people will always make you feel empty and lost. All you can do is try to help but if somebody doesn’t want your help or the help that’s being offered to them, there is only so much you can do. You are not a miracle worker!


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