You don’t owe them an apology

Never feel as if you owe anyone an apology for getting your life together. If you have to cut some people off, take time for yourself, or complete some serious soul-searching, do it! If your friends do not understand this concept, leave them. They’re not your friends anyway. Your real friends support your decisions, help you in your time of need and try to stead you in the right direction. They do not make you feel as if you owe them something or guilt trip you for changing your life.

Real friends understand when you tell them “Look, I needed space from everyone for a little while to get my life in order.” You cannot let your life fall apart and sit there complaining all of the damn time. Pick your ass up and do something with yourself.

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A lot of people constantly say, “Why don’t you hit me up anymore?” I only have two responses to this question. First response, “We were never friends, to begin with, and since I’m getting my life in order I’m realizing you are not good for my soul. So that’s why I stopped talking to you.” I am more likely to give this response based on how you have treated me. I analyze situations and people very carefully. A good amount of people aren’t my friends and just want to be around me because I am the “fun drunk”. As soon as I say no, now I’m a boring guy this to this person. My circle is small because of situations like this. I can’t trust everybody because not everyone has a good and loyal heart like I do. And that’s fine, I can’t change everybody.

The second response, “I’ve been so busy I haven’t talked to anybody. If you wanted to hang out, just say so. I’ll try to see what I can do.” One thing we all suffer from is a lack of communication that often creates torn feelings amongst us. There is a great chance that person that you think doesn’t like you, actually likes you and still values your friendship. You and that person haven’t talked in a while so you may feel disconnected towards them.

As adults, we are constantly busy. We no longer have as much time as we would like to have. If the friendship is worth saving and you have had great times together do not cut that person off. They’re still there for you rooting and cheering in your corner during your darkest days. The both of you just have to make time to see each other. It’s crucial to MAKE TIME for REAL people like this!

However, we all know there is evil lurking all around us. Cut off the FAKE people who are not helping you or in your corner. The kind of people who refuse to behave like adults and don’t have any goals or aspirations. You have to surround yourself with hustlers that aren’t just talking about what they’re doing next, they’re actually doing it right now.

Lastly, just remember, this is your life. Quit apologizing for making your life better. If you are not the driver in the car called “life”, you are the constant passenger who is slowly dying inside. Your fight is slowly dying because you’re not taking charge of the wheel and driving the car where you want to go. You may not have your life in order right now. That’s fine. But stop feeling sorry for yourself. Now is your chance to take control. Come up with a schedule and stop telling yourself that you can’t and start telling yourself that you can. That’s the only way to keep the fight alive!

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