We are still slaves

Frederick Douglass said, “I have found that to make a content slave, it is necessary to make a thoughtless one. It is necessary to darken his moral and mental vision, and, as far as possible, to annihilate the power of reason.” As a free thinker, your brain is constantly torn between speaking your mind or keeping quiet. We are all mental slaves to mainstream media, the latest diet trends, and materialistic items. All we can do is question everything and never believe just anything.

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We are able to think for ourselves but its harder when we eat fast food daily, drink soda, fruit juice, smoke and drink on a daily basis. Every time I turn on the news I see the newest foods to eat and not to eat. Every single week! A couple of years ago we were all told, “eggs are bad for you, they will raise your cholesterol levels.”Then the Keto diet came out telling people in order to lose weight, “Eat fat, to lose fat” Neglecting one thing, that eggs are still high in cholesterol and a diet that is high in fat is linked to potential heart disease and type 2 diabetes. Everyone has made food and exercise way too complicated. In reality, we should just be consuming roughly 2300 calories a day, drink water, tea, and coffee, replace junk food with fruits and veggies and move for about 60-120 minute a day. If more people would stick to this lifestyle change, a lot more people wouldn’t be obese, have numerous health risks and low energy levels.

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It’s shame how there are so many fast food joints. All we have to do is drive for about 20 minutes and we see a McDonald’s, Wendy’s and a BurgerKing ready to sell us all of these deals for a cheap price. However, this food is nothing but poison. Food commercials and alcohol commercials selling us a fun time with cheap food and drinks in order to create temporary happiness.

Grocery stores aren’t any better because they will sell you 2 bags of chips for about 4 to 5 dollars, on the other hand, try to sell an average bag of kale or spinach for about 3 to 4 dollars. Not too many sales for fruit, veggies, gluten-free products, and organic food because the grocery store knows what people want and don’t care what people need. Those sales for chips, cookies, cakes, and soda are in big bold letters to attract the customer and expand the store’s profit.

Kids and adults eat too many chips, cookies, cakes, and soda so they’re constantly which probes them to get sick quicker. The pills that are being prescribed to them don’t make anything better. The best solution is to limit or not eat chips, cookies, cakes and drink soda which will prevent adults and children from not being in a depressive state, decrease their energy levels, and cause potential brain damage.

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Now we wonder why kids aren’t making great grades in schools and have improper hormone balances. It’s because of what they’re eating. How is nine-year-old Jimmy going to pass his test after lunch when he ate cafeteria pizza, 2 cookies, a piece of cake and washed it down with a soda? Answer: He will either fail or crash because of his high sugar and sodium-induced lunch.

As far as adults and their productivity at work, Kelly consumes McDonald’s hamburgers and fries with a diet coke for her everyday lunch. Then her boss is wondering why she’s overweight and why her productivity level is so low. The boss is now in a compromising position because the company is now at risk of a lawsuit for discriminating against fat people.

Our society is becoming dumber and fatter due to what we watch and what we eat. We are watching garbage television to tell us how to think instead of taking charge of our lives by leaving the drama on the screen, going for a brisk walk or reading a book. We are getting fatter because we are sitting down too much watching television and eating fast food and drinking our alcohol. The world we live in will sell you the problems: Liquor stores and fast food joints with easy access and grocery store with unlimited deals on junk food (chips, cookies, cake, and ice cream). When you become out of shape and nearly dying you’re sold the solution: Pills that will not work for a lifetime, only for a limited time. And the main problem here is that we are not saying no and trying to come up with other solutions such as buying more fruit and veggies, getting off our asses and going for a walk and feeding our brains with knowledge by reading more books.

Lastly, this way of thinking takes time. It’s not a race, it’s merely a marathon. Daily exercise, healthier eating habits, and lifestyle choices will make things in your life a little bit easier. Television, alcohol, drugs, fast food is not making you feel good, it’s making you feel worse. You have to rewire and train your brain to say no to an unhealthy lifestyle like this. Think about it, did that drink cigarette, or double-cheeseburger make you any feel better, No! It didn’t, it made you feel worse instead. So what are going to about it though?

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