Say good things behind my back

People often say good things to your face. However, do you ever analyze what they say behind your back? In this world, you have to be aware of your surroundings. Not too many people are real enough to tell you the cold-hearted truth to your face. It’s the reason why they tell you how they really feel about you, behind your back.

This brings me to my old college days when I was a freshman. I remember rushing back home to take a nap after a grueling day. I walked to my dorm and said my hellos to my roommates, then I proceeded to go to my room and close the door. I heard multiple voices in the entire dorm so that meant my roommates were having company over. I overheard the conversations about the weekend plans, girls, booze, etc. Another person came through and started to talk to my roommates. I can tell by the voice that this person that was apart of my group project. The conversation changed from the weekend plans, girls, booze, etc., into my name being mentioned. I overheard, “So how’s that project with Caleb coming along? The next sentence I heard was, “He’s so lazy.” After I recognized the voice, I realized it was the person from my group project. It’s easier to place blame somebody else instead of taking personal accountability. Actually, the real truth is none of us in the group had planned out what we were going to do.

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Furthermore, I started learning weak people will blame somebody else for their failures. It’s always somebody else to blame, however, it’s never their fault. Being called lazy didn’t particularly bother me, it didn’t. It was the fact that there were a couple of people that knew otherwise and only one person came to my defense. I overheard a male voice say, “Caleb’s not lazy, he just doesn’t know what the project is about. Maybe you should talk to him and the entire group then figure out what you are going to do.” I thought to myself. Finally, somebody with some character.

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I know what you are thinking. “Caleb, why didn’t you speak on your behalf? Why didn’t you open the door and call her out in front of everyone?” Simple, I wanted to know who would defend my name behind closed doors. After that day, I knew who really had my back when things got rough during my freshman year. This is just a prime example that I use to educate all of you about human nature. Don’t trust everyone! It doesn’t matter what someone says to your face. A majority of people will always say good things to your face but what will they say behind your back? Mostly bad things! If we say anything bad towards anybody it should be said to their face, only say good things behind a person’s back. If this person had something to say to me they should have said to my face. We could have had a discussion and settled like adults. Instead, that person chose to be vindictive and immoral.

In conclusion, this is why I don’t care about all the good things most people say to my face because it could all be an act. Tell me all about how much of a nice person and a hard worker I am. However, if behind my back you are calling me lazy and saying that you don’t like me, should it really matter to me if you think I’m a nice person and a hard worker? You obviously think otherwise! So you’re just being hypocritical. No need to be like that around me or anyone else. Tell the real truth instead, there is no need to lie.

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