Help me clean these dishes, instead of eating all of my food

A lot of people don’t even need to say anything at all. You can tell by their actions that they can care less about anyone else but themselves. These are the kind of people who have no problem taking everything away from you and leaving you the crumbs. Human nature is deteriorating before our very es because people are not willing to give to others unless there is an incentive for them and them alone.

Furthermore, what needs to be established in this modern world is what, “Help me, Help you” actually means. Let’s turn our attention to the “House Party” example. Everyone is having a great time drinking the devil’s poison and engaging in promiscuity at my party. The party was cool, nothing special, just cool. Now it’s the next day and its time to clean up the place. My “Friends” spent the night so I am looking for them to help me clean up my house. Why? Because I need the help and also, I want to see who is going to help clean or get their belongings and leave. Ideally, every one of my “Friends” would help me. Realistically, two or nobody is going to help. This is a sign or a taker, not a giver. These kinds of people expect the world to shine around them only.

People will keep taking from you there’s nothing left to take. Then they will move one and take from others as well. These kind of people are demons because only a demon because only a demon robs you of your energy. Demons take from everyone and remain in denial and use guilt tactics to make you feel empty inside. There are many ways to prevent coming across these kind of people. First, start by surrounding yourself with people that have the same focus, common interests, and drive to succeed. There isn’t a need to spend your time and energy spreading rumors on the internet. It’s time to get used to moving in silence and realize that you have at least four friends in this world. Everyone else is either your enemy or just cordial towards you. However, having less friend reducing the stress of knowing who has your back. These people are apart of your tribe. It is necessarily for you and your tribe to chase your goals and aspirations then take over the world.

I want to leave you with one final thought. I am not living for everyone else any longer and I hope you don’t either. I keep to myself because of the toxic people I’ve been surrounded by. I’m not wasting not only but also, my energy. In due time, you learn how to surround yourself with your loyal tribe. You will learn to ignore everyone else. It’s just like Shrek said, “After a while, you learn to ignore the names people call you and just trust who you are.”

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  1. I think the message of being aware of where you’re placing energy and that it’s human nature to innately need/ want regardless of who it inconveniences is accurate however, I think it’s important that people can only do what we allow to be done.

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