Throw it Out!

I was born February 12th, 1994. When I was 10-years-old you had to have a flip phone. Then at the age of 13-years-old, I felt that I needed an mp3 player or an iPod nano. Senior year of high school, I was 18-years-old and nobody had CD players, mp3 players or iPod Nanos. It was now the age of Androids and I phones where both of these devices can hold music, phone calls, texts, bank info, and other crafty applications. Technology and I have a love-hate relationship because it never seizes to give me space. At first, it was great, now, it’s so annoying. I look around at Modern Day America and we are now zombies. A life that is simpler is a life that we so desperately need. If my android asks me what my location is, to update my status on social media, or ask me if I want to connect to the WIFI, I am going to scream, “LEAVE ME THE HELL ALONE ALREADY!”

Technology became so vast that I’ve decided to minimize my lifestyle. I only buy what I need. (Food and beverages) and I rarely buy what I want. My theory on any technology that I have such as my phone and my laptop. When it breaks, then I will buy another one. I am not going to buy anything else until it stops working. No longer will be shamed because I don’t have an iPhone, a flat-screen TV, the latest clothes, and sneakers because I, “HAVE TO FIT IN!”

Society lied to us. They want us to keep consuming and buying more items that we don’t need because it will make us happy. If this is true then why are many of us so miserable?? More people are becoming more and more depressed and what are we doing? Not changing our lifestyle and making it simpler. We just download another app that gives us “Knowledge and advice” to become happier. Imagine if our world slowed down and took our eyes off the screen and paid attention to the world around us. Our thoughts would be a lot less negative.

In my recent blog, “You’re alone in toxic company”, I discuss letting go of people who hold you down. Well, technology can hold you down as well because if you let social media consume your life it controls your thoughts. You will become a slave to the likes, shares, and comments to make yourself feel better because you become addicted to the attention. It’s sad that young men and women have a vice grip on their phones. If you go out to the bars, clubs, restaurants, and music venues all of these people aren’t even enjoying themselves. They are all to busy on social media or texting to see what’s going on right in front of them.

I don’t just like my lifestyle, I love it now. I don’t have a lot of materialistic items and I’m maintaining inner peace. I’m feeling free and I’m spending any actual money. I’m just getting rid of all of the things that I don’t need. You need to be willing to let your possessions go at any moment. Your possessions are not your whole identity. Do not become a prisoner to consumerism. Be apart of simplicity.

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