The New Plantation

Abolitionist Frederick Douglass discussed that during Christmas, the slave masters gave the slaves alcohol. The slaves would indulge in this poison to numb the pain and also, to not think about escaping. Their brains wouldn’t be able to think of a plan anyway because of how much whiskey they were drinking. To make matters worse, the slave masters even took bets on which slave would get drunk the fastest. This display of public humiliation has now been shown in clubs. These club owners are the new slave owners and the owners own the clubbers minds and money. The owner hires promoters to continue this evil practice by having them send out flyers of half-naked women. Take a flyer and you can get at half price. Clubs hypnotize you with loud music, gyrating women and alcohol to remove your brain cells and inhabit your critical thinking skills and I’m going to explain how.

After I stopped drinking and smoking weed the world has opened up my eyes to the club lifestyle I lived. I realized this is all a waste of time. The drinks are too expensive, the women curve you because their insecure about themselves, the men grind on any woman they see, the music sucks and is way too vulgar, and after too many drinks the women and men will fight each other. It’s an utter disaster. But when I was drunk, I saw nothing wrong with this.

Clubs will feature twerk contests and have women shake their ass in front men they don’t know for empowerment, but she doesn’t realize she doesn’t have any power. The owner has power because he can women to shake their ass for men while \the DJ plays, “These hoes ain’t loyal” The guys are trying to get laid and the girls are trying to feel secure with themselves. The real reason why this contest is going on is to sell more drinks. The girls are going to join these contests buzzed or drunk and the guys want to drink and watch. When the contest is over, the guys will approach these drunken women to dance with them and buy even more drinks. And we all know this is a recipe for disaster.

The guys at these clubs can’t handle rejection. So when a woman tells a DRUNK man no, he can’t handle it. The guy tries harder to get with her and he won’t stop. He never goes after another girl because he wants that one girl. He’s lonely and obviously, not secure with himself. He buys more drinks and keeps on drinking until he is incoherent. Then, he keeps pestering the women who have already said no. Being rejected numerous times, guys like this try to assault a woman or end up getting beat up by another guy. But the club owners don’t care because they already have his money. They only care when the club gets too many bad reviews of “Creepy guys” leading to a decline of customers. And just like a business, NO CUSTOMERS=NO MONEY!

The girls don’t take rejection well either. She’s most likely there for a girl’s night or because a friend got dumped by her boyfriend. Her self-esteem is low and she’s looking for attention. These clubs don’t have free drink specials until a certain time for women not because they care about them but because they need to give women a reason to show up. The owner knows that men will show up as well and buy these women more drinks. Yes, even though these men know that women are getting free drinks until 11 p.m. Free drinks are nothing more than danger. When a woman is trying to forget about a man she does not need free drinks or any kind of alcohol. The more she drinks she has, the more insecure she becomes about not getting attention from men and the alcohol gives her unpleasant memories of her ex-boyfriend and her other failed relationships.

These club owners strip the clubbers of their money and minds by playing egotistical music and selling cheap drinks. In most clubs, there isn’t even a theme going on. It’s most likely young adults (18-27) drinking heavily, grinding on each other, and wasting their life away because they have a fear of growing up and becoming like their parents. In the 1800s, slave masters took advantage of slaves by imprisoning them physically and mentally. Now, in 2019, club owners are taking advantage of these clubbers by taking away their money and dignity. Wake up, people. Stop giving these people your money!

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