The Restart Button

There is a change happening in the world that needs to be enforced. This ideology of indulging in drugs and alcohol to escape your problems is clearly not working. Now, it is time to address what’s going on in your mind which I will refer to as the “The Restart Button”. For so long I’ve seen many people mindlessly continuing to Suffer in Silence instead of addressing their problems and learning to forgive themselves. I’m learning that forgiveness is key when you really want to love yourself. Now, more than ever, it’s your choice to press the restart button. Learn to be comfortable with yourself, try out new things and reconnect with your childhood hobbies.

Furthermore, being worrisome and negative really makes your brain race a thousand miles per hour. This is normal when life gets really busy. I’ve learned to remember that life is not a race, it’s a marathon. We need to allow our minds to reinforce us to say, “I got this, I will give this another try!” Instead of always saying, ” I suck, I can’t do this!” Negative reinforcement can be covered up with sarcastic jokes and cynical remarks. You can try your best to hide your problems but the person in the mirror knows you are truly suffering.

For example, whenever I played basketball, for years my mindset was, “I’m not going to make this shot, I can’t keep going.” I was filling my head with negative thoughts constantly. So I looked in the mirror one day and came to terms with this problem. Then, I decided to eliminate these thoughts by not thinking about missing shots but making them. This way of thinking has pushed my body through a tired state of mind. The pain in my body is physically draining but my mental state is there to push myself to do more.

We have to understand that it’s okay to make mistakes. The only thing we need to take away from our mistakes is the lesson that we learned. As long as we learn from our mistakes, in return, we will do better the next time. So stop stressing yourself out over a simple mistake at the job. Anything that’s broken can be fixed. Besides, you are not in competition with anyone, but yourself.

The best way you can escape your problems and find solutions is by facing them. The reason why we run away is that we let our insecurities get the best of us. We want to be perfect so badly that we will even overwork ourselves with this ” whatever it takes” mentality.

Your mental diet has to consume more positive thoughts, perseverance, and self-discipline. When you hit the restart button, you will lose people because they will believe there is something wrong with you. They will say your really arrogant and use shame tactics to bring you down to their level. Let these people go because if someone is not strong enough to fix themselves mentally and physically you have to understand that they haven’t hit the restart button yet.

Every now and then, your mind will play tricks on you when you are alone in your room. Your mind will purposely replay those times you had when you were drunk or high and it will portray you like a rockstar. Your mind will ask you, “Don’t you miss that feeling when we were fucking invincible?” However, we must analyze the entire memory. How did you honestly feel waking up in the morning? Why did you go out? Most importantly, did you truly have fun?

Your surroundings say a lot about your life and where you are going. Never over analyze life. If the vibe is not right for you. You can leave. Never compromise your own happiness for everyone. Make sure your life is one you want to live because only you know what that truly means.

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