Stop relying on others

I don’t have a lot of friends and family. Guess what? Neither do you. Most of us grew up in single-income households and it’s the reason why most of us have to self-efficient instead of self-reliant at an early age. This is why your mind convinces you that people will not help you. It’s a good quality to have because without hesitation you’ll motivate yourself to do more things on your own. On the other hand, being so independent does not allow you to properly ask for help because you constantly feel as if people won’t help you. This is true and also not true. There are people who will help you if you ask them to but there are also people who will not help you, however just try to use you. Living in a single-income household creates this chip on your shoulder that it’s “you vs. the world” It’s the reason why a lot people say, “I don’t trust a lot of people” Do not take it personal or judge, this is just a normal reaction to how a person reacts when they feel betrayed or abandoned.

I held a lot of resentment in my heart when I was younger because I felt no one wanted to help me out. Therefore, I didn’t ask for help. I either did it myself or suffered in silence. Now, I’ve myself a balance of doing things for myself and asking for help when I need it as a means of survival. It’s a cruel world but you have to be tough. Life isn’t designed to be easy and that’s why you have to not rely on others to help you all of the time.

I see so many people who are just so weak and whinny but they are physically and mentally capable of getting shit done. It’s because they had people to rely on their whole lives. I grew up without my father, therefore, I had to learn how to do basic man shit by myself (cars, lifting weights, how to be calm, a proper handle of rejection, talking to girls, taking risks, and being less angry). On top of that, my mother taught me how to cook, clean, do laundry, by around the age of 12. I learned from her how to be forgiving, caring, and honest.

Sure, it would be great to live in a fairy-tale land of two loving parents where I can get the proper balance of both male and female perspectives but it is what it is. I’ve grown up realizing you have no one else and its better that I continue learning to do for myself because everyone I know is eventually going to die. Then who else can I depend, myself of course. Do not keep living life relying on people to have fun with, seeking validation from anybody, or reassuring your place in anyone’s life. Think for yourself and only yourself.

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