The truth about Generosity

Being Genuine is a noble characteristic that is overlooked and not cherished. When I was younger, my generosity has led to me being pushed around, used and mentally abused. When you have a naturally healing aura people will constantly come to you for your help or advice and at times, it becomes draining. Which is why genuine people are kind hearted to a fault. You put yourself in this situation because you know that the world is full of people who will destroy everything instead of trying to fix anything.

Therefore, the only solution to preventing mental and physical stress from users is to say, “NO!” I used to have a problem saying, “No!” to people because I was being too generous. Whenever a woman stood me up I wouldn’t mention it. She would say same ol’ shit, “Hey Caleb, sorry but can we reschedule today…” I used to reply, “Oh hey, it’s okay. Can you do next weekend?” Only to get rejected for another guy or left on read. Now, I walk away completely, delete her number and lose contact with her because if she wanted to meet me she would have made the effort too. No questions asked.

Right now, I’m reached the turning point of my life where my primary focus is to speak my mind and only make sure that I’m okay. If that rubs people the wrong way than oh well. Opening up my space to another broken soul for therapy hour is not an option anymore. If I don’t know you that well, you’re going to have to get your life together on your own.

Generosity kills. It’s tiring being generous to everyone because many people don’t deserve it. Remember this not too many people want to see you win, they’re championing for you to lose. You’re co-worker will find somebody else to do their share of work, The girl/guy you like will not sacrifice their time for you and will find somebody else to fuck, and that friend or family member will find somebody else to give them a free ride to work. Be thankful to have generous heart, however, do not have a naive mind. Avoid users as much as possible and value your life more.

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