You are not in sync.

You can’t remain focused on your goals because your mind and body are not properly in sync. It’s the reason why you cannot adapt to change, why you give up easily and why you have not advanced in life. You want to compete with everyone else instead of with yourself. Therefore, you aren’t allowing yourself to make your own decisions because you cannot lead yourself. This will not be an overnight process but once follow these steps you mind and body will shift together.

You must never smoke another cigarette again. Tobacco and vape companies make millions of dollars capitalizing on your insecurities through shame marketing and other underhanded tactics. Whenever you inhale tobacco and vapes you’re just inhaling chemicals that are killing your brain cells. How can one be creative if one does not have proper mental clarity? Today or tomorrow I want you to observe your surroundings and pay attention to the man or woman smoking cigarette. Pay close attention to their poor disposition, unwillingness to live and how lonely they must feel. Then, I want to you to ask yourself, do I want to live like this?

Quit drinking like a got damn fish.Most fights and car accidents were caused by a drunk person. Just like smoking, drinking doesn’t solve your problems either. I’ve mentioned in “The New Plantation”, the reason why Fredrick Douglass didn’t drink. In summary, “Abolitionist Frederick Douglass discussed that during Christmas, the slave masters gave the slaves alcohol. The slaves would indulge in this poison to numb the pain and also, to not think about escaping. You see, when the mind and body are not connected problems never become solutions. It turns into the same routine of getting high or drunk to forget everything instead of facing the problem head on. Whenever your friends are drinking or smoking too much and your subconscious is making you feel left out, remember, the only way you can make your life better is by making positive changes to your life and admit that you are the problem.

Stop eating like a child, you are an adult. I’ve discussed clearing out your mind by not drinking or smoking excessively. Now, it’s time to talk about diet. I know, the big scary word “diet” that so many people dread to talk about. But hey, it has to be addressed. My page (@Beetsbyk) discusses eating healthier and making lifestyle changes. It is not a “militant” lifestyle that says, “You should never eat cookies and cake again.” However, my page is stating that you should consume 20% junk food and consume 80% fruits, vegetables, starches, and grains in order to clear out excess mucus and toxic waste that’s been built up in you for years. You have to be tired of having constant headaches and stomach cramps right? Well, a simple tweek in your diet can do wonders. Most of you consume so much fast food and processed foods on a daily basis rather than consume a simple banana because you won’t eat the brown spot. However, did you know a banana can aid in muscle recovery, improve your energy, lower digestion issues, and lessen sleep your issues? Instead of trying to understand what your doctor or a health expert is trying to say, you will ignorantly defend your right to eat a whole bag of Cheetos because you had a long day or whatever. Stop with the excuses and try to eat healthier for yourself. With so many recipes on Google and healthier restaurants to eat from there is no excuse.

In summary, if you don’t fix your mental and physical diet, you will remain a slave to your own poor choices. But if you start cutting back on smoking, drinking and trying to eat healthier today, your mental clarity and overall self-esteem is going to improve. You may just be a janitor right now but if follow what I mentioned you will be inspired to be more than just a janitor. You will not care if what others think about you because you will be too bust trying to improve yourself. This is a practice of self-discipline. You can either whine and complain like a child or you can be an adult and hold yourself accountable. Either way, I am not going to force these lifestyle changes on you. You have to start on your own. The choice is yours. Choose wisely.

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