Never address anyone publicly

Any issue I have with anybody I always address them in private, never in public. Nowadays, too many people are seeking an audience every time they have an issue with somebody because they enjoy the crowd’s laughter and need someone to hear them like a typical “Reality-TV argument” and what does it solve NOTHING!

For instance, in the workplace, you have different types of co-workers to deal with. Therefore, do not think that everybody is the same. I’ll never discuss my problems at my workplace because I know my co-workers could care less, they are most likely being nosy and because the company doesn’t revolve around me. Therefore, it is my responsibility to be professional by doing my job, minding my business, and going home.

I will never take kindly to a co-worker asking me, “Is there something wrong Caleb, you don’t seem like yourself?” in front of my fellow co-workers. I am going to feel disrespected and embarrassed merely because my co-worker is assuming that “something wrong with me” when it’s nothing more than a misunderstanding and they should mind their business.

Luckily, someone level headed as myself will let the situation go because I understand that many people do not realize how disrespectful it is to ask that question. However, a combative co-worker will scream and become increasingly defensive. Which often leads to a heated argument or possibly a fight?

Your co-workers are most likely not your friends or family. It’s best to remain cordial with everybody stay employed and avoid company drama. In the workplace, pay attention to your co-worker’s body language to understand the message you are trying to convey. If you are guilty of asking a co-worker, “What is going on with you, is everything ok?” Surrounded by other co-workers. I want you to pay close attention to the facial expressions, the co-worker shaking their head and smirking or laughing, and the less eye contact you are receiving because you pissed that person off. It’s the real reason why James has ignored you or just yelled at you for asking him that question.

In the workplace, we need each other because not one person runs the entire show. Your best bet is to be respectful of one another in order to make it throughout the day. If you really wanted to know what was wrong ask that person in private or just mind your own business. Another co-worker’s bad day is not your concern.

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