Why families fall apart

Why families fall apart

Thanksgiving is around the corner and the family is coming over. The same family that always complains about “Why don’t we get together more often?” “Hey, I haven’t seen you in a while?”, “How come you never text me?”, “Do you remember me?” Without realizing they met you when you were six-years-old? This is just the tip of the iceberg from the clueless family members that are in denial. It’s nice to try and keep the family together but the truth is a lot of us don’t want to deal with each other. Most of us come for the food!

Furthermore, many family members are toxic because they always say bad things
behind your back. The kind of family members who constantly talk about “How much of a loser you are!” or try to publicly embarrass you in front of the family because of, “What you eat (Vegan/Vegetarian), or make comments about how your skinny, fat, or even worse, rehab from drug and alcohol issues. Nobody wants to endure the drama, rumors, and putdowns they just want to eat in peace. Unfortunately, certain families thrive on chaos!

Furthermore, certain family members just hate each other. That’s why whenever you go to a Thanksgiving dinner you always say, “I hope I don’t see so and so!” Nobody wants to deal with cousin Ann still holding resentment from her Mother Doreen, The two younger brothers Jimmy and Ray trying to fight or argue every time they see one another, and the two older sisters Darlene and Susan not talking to each other, even if they’re in the same room.

Drama separates families because many people aren’t willing to have a conversation. They’re still holding on to what happened years ago instead of moving forward. All this toxic energy makes Thanksgiving or any holiday horrible because a black sheep like myself sees through it all and chooses to remain silent. Why? It’s not my responsibility to fix every problem. Especially when I can’t get certain family members to talk to one another.

Many “adults” are still stuck in their adolescent behavior. They will still say, “Well I don’t know what I did wrong to make him/her mad at me. Besides, if he’s going to ignore me. I’ll ignore him back.” This is the tactic children use because they fail to communicate. However, adults should be able to discuss their problems instead of humiliating each other, fighting one another, or purposely arguing with one another. Until the family talks about the problem it will never be solved.

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