It’s just a game

Y’all need to calm down when your team loses. Yes, I said it! It’s just a game! It’s comical that grown-ass adults get so mad when their team loses. Over here talking about, “We should have won! That game was rigged! They cheated!” It doesn’t even stop there. Players are harassed mercifully just because they decided to play for another team. In basketball, I remember Vince Carter left the Toronto Raptors to play for the Nets. Every time Vince touched the ball he was booed until the fans finally stopped after a year. Lebron James had his jersey burned when he left the Cleveland Cavaliers to play for the Miami Heat and many other situations. Nowadays, most fans are crazy. They believe they are owed something to sports entertainment even though they don’t even play. They just watch on television, buy jerseys, and game tickets. So much rage over what fans think is a betrayal. I understand the passion of winning but this behavior is getting toxic and athletes are speaking out.

Kyrie Irving is an NBA basketball player who currently plays for the Brooklyn Nets. He has previously played for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics as well. As of right now, he is currently dealing with a shoulder injury. Some fans believe he faked the injury. Even former Boston Celtic player, Kendrick Perkins said, “Kyrie looked at the schedule before the season started and planned this whole injury thing because he didn’t want to go back to Boston this upcoming week. He didn’t want that smoke in the Bean Town.” It’s crazy because Perkins never gossiped or said much but now since he’s an analyst in ESPN, he has a lot to say. Interesting

Irving responded via Instagram with the following post (source: New York Post):

Whether you believed Kyrie faked his injury, wasn’t an effective leader, or tore apart the Celtic’s chemistry he is still human. It’s so crazy how athletes deal with mental health issues and are harassed by these “so-called fans” and are shown no sympathy. Athletes are treated like a circus attraction for the enjoyment of ungrateful people. It’s just sad because just like Irving stated, “It’s one big show that means very little in the real world.”

Imagine being so obsessed with your team winning you miss work the next day to avoid people making fun of you. Imagine making sports your entire life that you spend the majority of your time on the internet trolling these athletes or at the actual games simply because they missed a shot or fumbled a pass. When I was younger, I used to always want the Celtics to win so badly. I would troll my Facebook hating on Lebron and Kobe, questioned Danny Ainge’s judgment, getting mad when Paul Pierce was traded, and if Ray Allen’s loyalty to the Celtic was genuine because I felt I had to defend them. Now, my mentality is if they win they win if they lose, then they lose. Either life goes on. There are more important issues in the world for to focus on.

It’s sad that athletes are trolled like Irving because he’s only human. In my opinion, overall, he played well as a Celtic. He didn’t play as well last season but the whole team together lost in the playoffs, due to a lack of team chemistry. Basketball is a team sport, not an individual play. Honestly, it’s the reason why I don’t watch basketball as much because of the online whining, non-stop dunking and excessive three point shooting, the petty politicking, and extremely fast-paced nature of the game. The game used to be nice and smooth. The players took their time and played with competitive nature. Fans cared more about the actual game, now, they are more concerned about trolling people and blaming these athletes for why their team lost.

Understand this sports fans, these athletes don’t owe you shit! They can play for whatever team they want or retire so just chill out. Realize these athletes are just people, they are not superhuman.

I found this post by (Black Twitter FB) to be comical but true:

It’s true though. Put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what these athletes go through mentally and physically. I can hear the response now, “Well if they can’t handle the criticism they should not be playing!” That may be somewhat true but just like how they don’t have to play because of the critics and excessive trolling, you should quit your job when your boss gives you a hard time because you can’t “handle the criticism” right. Two wrongs will never make a right.

Some athletes shake it off while others not so much. I understand where Irving is coming from because this is just a game. I’m sure he will return soon but it’s crazy how many fans just don’t care. Don’t let sports entertainment take over your life. It’s not that serious!

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