The damage of glorifying drug culture

Whatever problems you are going through it’s your responsibility to find somebody to help or listen to. Ignoring the problem only makes it worse. Hip-Hop/ Rap culture used to tell stories selling positive messages with songs like, “Ain’t Gonna’ Hurt Nobody by Kid n’ Play” or just stories about the day-to-day grind such as, “The Message by Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five”. The goal was to combat drug use and live a more positive life. Now, the music culture has changed. Most Rap/Hip Hop songs glorify drug use. The message is quite simple, “If you wanna’ be cool and get all of the girls sell dope and drink lean. When you do that you will get all the bitches, cars, houses and money you want. And if you don’t agree with us you’re being a hater!”This is why we need to educate ourselves with knowledge instead of degrade our selves with drug/alcohol. Parents, instead of having your kids glorying a drug culture in the music industry how about you introduce them to classical music and arts. The truth is that young kids would rather be mumble rappers then doctors, lawyers, construction workers and teachers because it’s too hard for them to focus and be productive citizens to society.

Another rapper named Juice Wrld died due to an apparent seizure on December 8th, 2019. I’m not going to focus on the seizure however, I am going to discuss his drug addiction. On September 9th, 2018, in a No Jumper Interview him and the host discuss many topics such as sobriety, Mac Miller, The rapper Future, and drugs. It was an interesting but also eerie interview to listen to and here’s why. The host asks, “You always has some issues with drugs before you started to get famous and uh.. right?” Juice Wrld’s replies, “In 6th grade, 7th grade I’m hearing songs about sippin’ lean and those are the real influential years.. like finding out who your role models are..”

In middle school, when your are either 13 or 14 years old boy you don’t care about school that much. Your attention is drawn towards girls and getting money. In general, young people are going through hormones, self-discovery, emotions and you ultimately, fell like you don’t fit in anywhere. When I was in middle school I mostly listened to 50 cent, Ja Rule, Ludacris and the Game. However, I was raised that this kind of music is merely entertainment and to focus on my school work. Juice Wrld like other kids have been raised with ONLY this kind of music. This is a prime example of irresponsible behavior of his parents. They should have set down the foundation that is just entertainment and pushed him more in a positive direction. One of the reason why he did drugs in the first place was because he saw his favorite rapper Future getting paid and getting a lot of girls. So when you haven’t been raised properly and schoolwork is not a main priority teens usually turn to drugs.

Recently, many young rappers and young people dying not because of the music, but more because their self-esteem is so low. They are not confident enough to say no in fear of feeling left out. Rappers of this generation such as J-Cole and Hopsin promote how detrimental drugs are to your health and making wiser decisions, but whenever their songs come are played, it’s categorized as “Boring, too serious, and wack as fuck” because the younger generation doesn’t understand how to talk about their problems instead of running away from them.

I’m 25-years-old and yes, life is hard. When I was 19-years-old I tried to run away from my problems and unfortunately, I ended up in the hospital. I didn’t solve the problems inside of my head until I talked about them. Years later, I became Sober after finally leaving the drug and alcohol scene alone. I realized that I didn’t care anymore to fit in and be cool. I wasn’t going to achieve anything if I was hungover or just too burned out to do anything either. It’s the reason why I work out, eat properly, write and try to be more productive so I don’t have to go back to that lifestyle. Sure, I do miss getting trashed but I remember exactly how empty I would feel in the morning. It’s not a feeling I miss and that’s why it’s been worth it being sober.

All of those drugs in Juice WRLD system was not beneficial to his health. This young man had been doing very heavy drugs at the early age of 13. It’s sad that he is died but this should be a wake up call and not a time morn to long. Doing drugs kills people and if you have a friend with a drug problem you need to help them, even if you have to snitch on them.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like we are nearing the end of drug culture. In this video, (WSHH: Juice Head pops 10 pills on camera) this is a 9 second clip of a rapper named “Juice Head” popping pills on camera. If he keeps this behavior up he will eventually die. To make matters worse, his “friends’ are encouraging this and they’ll be the same one’s saying, “RIP Juice Head” but no one in his circle will ever say, “Damn, I gotta help Juice Head so he doesn’t end up like the rest of the rappers who have died due to drug addiction.”

Here’s how it always starts. In the beginning, the drugs give you a trip that makes you feel invincible. After a couple of years, the invincible factor has worn off and you feel like shit. Your buddies say, “Let’s try something else!” Now, it’s perks, molly, or lean to chase a new high. The pattern of your drug of choice keeps getting stale and you keep upgrading in order to chase the invincibility factor. However, you and I are not invincible, we are human. The brain cannot outgrow adolescent behaviors and immature decision making if the body keeps digesting drugs and other cheap fixes. We have to think about our futures and feed our brains with knowledgeable information. If we do not start now it is going to be to late.

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