The problem with positive people

A body positive person is always quick to say, “I’m trying to be a more positive person and I don’t want your negativity invading my space.” An actual example of a negative comment /message is,“You’re so fat and you should just die already.” This type of negative energy should not be tolerated which is why you should block that person. However, if the comment/message reads, “Look, I believe you should strongly consider losing weight because you are putting your own health at risk.” this is constructive criticism. Body positive people have blurred the lines between the two and looped both as “breeding negativity” because your hurt their feelings. Remember, if someone is GENUINELY trying to help you that means they care about you!

I’ve watched the show, “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” which features Whitney Way Thore and how hard her life is in a bigger body. Whitney is a very insecure woman just like a lot of women are. There’s nothing wrong with being insecure but it’s about how you handle it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that she isn’t 100% percent serious about KEEPING OFF THE WEIGHT! If she was she would try harder and quit with the excuses!

In this clip, a promising comic “shames” Whitney. Whitney says, “I never had somebody come at me like this before” after the comic told her, “For somebody who says there happy you sure cry a lot!” Many of Whitney’s supporters will say the comic is being mean but she’s being honest. Whitney has a history PCOS which makes it harder for her to keep the weight off. However, before you play into her victim-play, pay attention to what she eats/drinks and how often she sits down.

I have never struggled with PCOS but I do know that Jon Taffer once said, “I don’t embrace excuses, I embrace solutions.” Whitney will not ever take responsibility because, “people treat her badly” and other excuses. Besides, she did lose 100 pounds before but because she feel off the wagon she gained it back. By the way, her own trainer became sick of her excuses and fired her. Let me ask you all a question. If Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) lost to Clubber Lang (Mr. T) and decided to quit boxing would you still support him? No, you wouldn’t because people would rather see others overcome their obstacles instead of constantly complaining.

Hopefully in her sixth season she will start eating better instead of picking up diet fads and workouts. Also, I have to ask this question, “Do these “Body positive models” really want to lose the weight and keep it off?” It seems as if many body positive figures don’t want to lose too much weight because their publicity and fame will fad away. This is why you need a Pusher, a Doer, a Visionary, and a motivator to succeed in life. Don’t only associate yourself with people who always agree with you and NEVER CHALLENGE YOU!

Whitney’s self-esteem is really low because her whole circle constantly tells her how great she is and they rarely challenge her. Our society is so clueless that we cheer and praise people like her for being brave to go against society’s standards. I disagree that everyone is supposed to have abs, thigh gaps, perfect jaw lines, and live in the gym but I do agree that having trouble walking up the stairs, being out of breath, more than two chins and a very large stomach is simply not healthy. I hope that Whitney loses the weight and keeps it off not for television ratings but for HER OWN LONG-TERM HEALTH. However, six seasons later and all that’s left is hope.

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