I don’t need your approval

Am I doing a good job? Does this look okay? Questions like this that we’ve been trained to ask because we aren’t confident in our own beliefs. When are going to believe in ourselves though? Tomorrow, next week, or do we need our friends, family, and social media to constantly back our beliefs. How about we start today because the most logical thing is to hold ourselves accountable and stick to our own individual purposes in life. No longer should we always be looking for another person’s approval because all we are doing is practicing self-inadequacy.

Everybody wants to be told how great they are which is understandable. However, it becomes a problem when you don’t believe in yourself without the approval of others. If you are addicted to the approval of others you will always be complacent. You need to let go of this way of thinking and realize how great you are. If you need the approval of any outside source constantly it’s time to change your way of thinking.

Back in high school, I was a competitive Track and Field star filled with bitterness and jealously. I’d constantly ask myself and others, “What makes them better than me? He’s not even in my league!” To combat my toxic thinking, everyday I trained like an animal. After high school, I went to track practice for 2-3 hours, then I hit the gym for another hour, afterward I did my homework and went to bed. Even thought my hard work paid off and I received the coach’s award, freshman of the year, a track jacket, and some certificates happy. I didn’t know why but I realize now that I was obsessed with trying to get recognition, approval, self-worth and awards from my coaches and everyone else. But I never said, “Hey Caleb, you have done the best you can. You don’t need any awards to define you!” I wish I knew I that back than because I would have eased up on my rigorous training.

Finally, before I go to bed I list my strengths, weakness and what I can approve on to keep myself on task. When you hold yourself truly accountable and you aren’t constantly looking for somebody else’s approval that is the ultimate practice of self-confidence. I’ve learned to pat myself on the back and no longer let myself be defined by anyone else’s standards. If you struggle are always seeking approval from somebody else you need to stop immediately by telling yourself everyday, “I don’t need their approval. All I’m going to do is remain patient and trust my own process.” because it’s your life. Stop letting others live your life for you. You know there isn’t a point in doing this because it has made you miserable for such a long time. Ask yourself, “Do you want to be happy or miserable?” When you’ve answered happy, you will implement a plan moving forward.

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