Who are you?

Society lives vicariously through toxic movies and shows to identify with themselves which leaves us with brain dead zombies. There isn’t any creativity left in our world because people fail to overcome what has been setting them back mentally. The two most valuable lessons a person must learn in order to move in the right direction is heartbreak and poverty.

First, let’s talk about Heartbreak. Recently deceased rapper Juice WRLD, once said, “Can’t take back the love that I gave you”. Heartbreak is suppose to teach you not to love so blindly and think with your mind because certain people are just not good for your heart. Their touch might be great but if your mind isn’t constantly stimulated by them you will long for another person’s touch. The mind is a powerful thing, therefore we must choose to think before doing anything. My heart has been broken a couple of times. I tried finding love in clubs, bars, and on tinder only to reach the conclusion that love shouldn’t be rushed or searching for. You should never let society pressure you into looking for love because you will always find it in all the wrong places. This is why hookup culture is so appeasing because people have been programmed to engage in a night of pleasure in exchange for their souls. You keep trying to win this game called “Get over my ex” without realizing you are hurting you and yourself. I’ve mentioned how the mind and body need to be in sync. Well, when you are hooking up with multiple people or just getting into relationships in fear of loneliness the mind and the body will remain disconnected until you come to terms with yourself.

Poverty is the next lesson that needs to be learned. New Zealand Rapper David Dallas once said, “I went with doubt when I had no money.” If you are tired of being broke you will find more ways to make money. I remember when I was a janitor making minimum wage. I complained about it but I got tired of my own behavior and kept applying to other jobs. It wasn’t easy but I did reach a break through. Some may say that working full-time and do overtime, working odd jobs, and develop side incomes is too much work but I hate the feeling of being broke. Therefore, if I can find a way to make more money legally I will explore it. From a guy’s perspective, when a guy is not making his own money it messes with his pride. He hears his inner voice telling him, “You’re not a real man”. Finding a job and making money is the easy part. The hard part is budgeting and saving your money because you are now realizing money never grew on trees.

Lastly, take these life lessons and really try to apply them in day-to-day life. We all struggle from time to time but we CHOOSE to keep struggling by being still. Still people choose to live in complacency because it’s too hard to change. It is isn’t being a good person. You have to have moral character and held yourself accountable instead of blaming others. There isn’t a challenge in being bad because all you have to do is blame everybody else for your own mistakes. The sooner you become tired of yourself this is where your growing process begins.

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  1. Well written!! Change is something that is hard to do yet very compelling and a big achievement that we could ever be proud of to ourselves! Thank you for this!


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