After the Awakening

Many people brag about being “woke” without realizing their not even “awake”. You still partying on a Friday night at the club getting blackout drunk or parading around provocatively to cope with your pain and relive the glory days. You’re still consuming junk food on a daily basis instead of in moderation because you won’t admit to yourself that you have an unhealthy relationship. You claim to be over your partner but you’re still posting passive aggressive memes via social media about the downfalls of the opposite sex without realizing you haven’t truly healed yourself.

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To make matters worse, you get all triggered or offended by saying, “Oh, why you hating on me for?” In reality, you clearly don’t practice what you preach because you’re afraid to address your own insecurities. In order to be AWAKE you must hold yourself accountable at all times. No more excuses just embrace solutions.

Years ago, I wasn’t moving in the right direction. I blamed others for my failures and was jealous of others because I was afraid to hold myself accountable. On New Years Night 2019, I was hanging out with some friends at some mediocre club. I reached a point where I made some progress by not drinking for a couple of months prior to the night. But on this night, I relapsed. Later on that night, I made out with a woman I didn’t know. However, the moment she left, I didn’t know what to do with myself so I took more shots to numb the pain of her absence. I went back to my friend’s place and I passed out on the couch feeling out of sync mentally and physically. I didn’t sleep that night because I knew I had to get my life together and it hasn’t been easy to love myself again.

We’ve all reached that point in life where we say, “I gotta’ get my life together” but most of us wait or steer back into our ways due to comfort.

It’s not about making million of dollars or having a revenge body or the right ascetic features. However, if you really want to change your life around you will remain consistent. You will fall, stumble, lose control but if your address your problems you will eventually stand tall and be in control.

I often hear “religious” people say, “ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE ME!” Well God can only help you if you actually fight back in life and stop these illogical rants about why life is so hard and why everyone is against you. Instead of complaining, pay attention to what you’re even saying or doing. Does it make sense? Does this align with my morals? If you cannot answer those questions what does God have to with this? It seems like you need to strip yourself of your lazy mindset because your fake prayers will never equal sustainable blessings. I can no longer complain about anything that happened in my life. I only aim to do my best today and look forward to improving tomorrow. In life, you can either repeat the same toxic behaviors or be uncomfortable taking risks. I have giving you my personal story called, “How Not to conquer in life” you have been warned! Now with this all being said, DO SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR LIFE!

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  1. You had me at the “Many people go on about being woke without realsing that they aren’t even awake”

    I think the world is sometimes just so caught up in the wave of things that we forget to check in and pay attention who and where we are 🙄


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