Blame Yourself

Our world is filled with many uncertainties which has lead many of us to act irrational and not logically. Each of us have an ego about ourselves that we aren’t willing to strip away. Unfortunately, it has caused us to believe that life revolves around us and nobody else. I used to believe because I have a college degree that I was owed a full-time job, an apartment, and everything I desire. After years of complaining about how the college system is unfair. I just kept complaining, drank heavily, and I didn’t write or apply myself which made the situation worse. When I turned 24, I had to accept that “I AM OWED NOTHING!”

In the film, “Manic”, Lyle (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) gets into a fight with Big Mike (Elden Henson) after the two had a disagreement about how the facility didn’t do their job when Kenny (Cody Lightning) was being abused by his stepfather. Dr. David Monroe (Don Cheadle) yells at the Lyle because he has had enough with Lyle anger issues. He throws the chair and tells Lyle, “Life is just a struggle and that’s the way it is.” And Dr. Monroe is absolutely right. It’s the reason why I’m indifferent to the curve balls that have been thrown my way. I chose to keep myself ego less and make sure I’m responsible of my own actions.

We can prepare for life. We are forced to take the punches and get back up. Let’s take the corona virus for example. It’s an unfortunate epidemic that is affecting many people financially and mentally. People are angry that their job is laying them off, blaming China for the outbreak, or saying “If we were all vegan this wouldn’t happen”. Hey, I’m not here to argue with you. You probably have a legitimate grievance. But look at your life right now and ask yourself, “Do you like the human being that you have become?” If the answer is No! You have some work to do and the corona virus has nothing to do with it!

There will be another epidemic very soon and many will chime in with conspiracy theories instead of taking action. Now is a better time than ever to fix yourself! Start writing your book, explore passive income ideas, start a you tube channel, actually workout and healthier, or even invest in stocks.

We’ve been trained to point the fingers at somebody because we grew up around people who never lead by example. Leaders by example are the true game changers in this world. They do not make any excuses for their behavior they blame themselves. If you start by leasing by example you don’t have time for the petty B.S., you keep to yourself, you don’t try to be cool, tough, or whatever, you just focus on your purpose. Once you have defined your purpose nothing else matters.

The consequences of not leading by example you will never figure out who you are, you will continue to eat processed foods and just being a negative energy source in society. As I said earlier, the world is filled with uncertainties, however, you need to make sure your life has certainty. If you do not like your life it’s your responsibility to do something about it. The universe rewards those who understand that playing the victim is B.S. Quit being a victim. No seriously, get off your couch and make something out of self!


  1. This remind of the immigrant mentality and how they are some of the most successful people in America. They come here with maybe $100 and are able to turn that into hundreds of thousands. And they were not owed a single thing and they knew it, too. Such an inspiring work ethic!

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