Where did all the love go?

Many people are so ungrateful and believe they deserve more. Never thinking about anyone else besides their own happiness. This is why I hate holidays or when somebody’s birthday comes around because out society makes us feel so obligated to buy them something expensive without an emphasis on telling people you love them. Where did all the love go? It vanished because love is 100% commercial. I don’t believe in the phrase, “gifts make me happy” instead, I believe in showing people you love them by helping people, expressing a consideration for their problems, their diet, and being thankful for allowing them to experience life with you. What am I going to do with the gifts you give me when I’m dead? Nothing!

Whenever my birthday comes up I just want my friends and family to say, “Happy Birthday!” However, I still have friends and family who rarely reach out to me which has lead me to feel indifferent. Recently, I turned 26 on the 12th of February. One of my family members told my Aunt on the phone, “Tell Caleb I said Happy Birthday!” I understand that as adults we are all busy but if you know somebody has a birthday you should acknowledge it to prevent any ill feelings. There’s no need to buy me anything because I want to see if I’m important in your life or not. Materialism can help me prove that.

As far as materialism is concerned, I am a minimalist. It’s not all about the “bag” (reference about making a lot of money due to working long hours) it’s about putting a strong emphasis on spending our time with nature and enjoying the time we have with one another. I’ve learned that others need a celebration at an expensive restaurant or club and a lot of gifts because they believe that’s their definition of being cared about and loved. For those who desire these things I have to ask you, “Don’t you think you’re asking for too much?” Most of you ask your partners, family, and friends to buy you everything without realizing not everyone can afford it. If anything, it’s quite selfish that you do not even say, “Thank you” either.

As I get older though, I realize materialism isn’t everything because gifts can’t outweigh the experiences you have with the one’s you love. This life we live is full of uncertainties and I refuse to waste it worrying about having a brand new car, a sports watch, or any name brand clothing. Not too many people just hang out and laugh anymore we are always in a rush due to our high demand of materialism and busy lifestyles. How about we try coming together and making an effort to embrace the simplicity of life around us? Let’s do a better job telling people I love you, Happy Birthday, or just Hello instead of just thinking they know it already. Don’t be in such a rush to buy anybody anything without telling them you love them first. Instead, show them by catching up with them, acknowledge that you care about them and stop saying, “I’m too busy” because no one is too busy. Make an effort because life is too short and when you’re on your death bed you’ll rethink the way you lived your life.


  1. Yes! Lately, I’ve been missing a simple “How are you doing?” or, “How’s life”. You don’t get that much anymore. They assume they know everything from social media. Sometimes we get gifts mailed to our kids and the sender is just waiting for us to post a big thank you for them so they can feel special in front of everyone. UGH! Happy Belated Birthday!


  2. I normally LOVE your post but this seem to come out of a place of anger or hurt. And that’s okay. Your feelings are valid. I’m just use to posting more up beat encouraging post. However I also appreciate you dealing and acknowledging your hurt and/or pain.


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