I don’t buy what you’re selling

Too many people just talk too much. However, not too many people are actually doing anything. Have you ever heard somebody say, “I’m trying to get in shape” but you knew they were full of it because they never got a membership, ate healthier, or even tried. Well, that’s how a lot of people are in life. Telling people that you’re trying sounds very passive and whinny. If you want people to take you seriously train yourself to say, “I’m going to the gym 3 days a week and I’m doing my best to eat healthier. You see what I did there. When asked I established that I am working out and eating healthier by changing trying to “going” and “doing”. However, if I said, “I’m trying to get in shape.” People are going to just look at me funny because I haven’t even discussed my plan. Therefore, they believe that I’m not really serious which means they will not respect me.

This is why I don’t buy what many people are selling. If you are going to make your life better than just do it. What are waiting for? If you want to write that book go write it! If you want to open a business open it! Everybody is waiting on some sign or an act from God but signs and acts aren’t enough if you don’t invest yourself.

I used to have such crippling anxiety over trivial things such as driving. I was always worried about what if I fail but never asking myself, “Why do you care if you fail?” When I started stripping myself of my own negative thinking I learned how to become more optimistic. That’s how I asked myself, “So what if I fail I can just try again!” Yes, it took me a while and it cost me money but I’ve been driving now for the past two 2 years. In order to grow as a person through times of adversity one must remain optimistic or less they will repeat the same patterns.

Realizing you are the problem is a hard pill to swallow but swallow it! So what if you fail you can do it again until you get it right. Michael Jordan didn’t give up when he didn’t make the basketball team his freshman year! So why would you give up on anything in life? You have to minus all of these negative thoughts running around inside of your brain because it’s prohibiting you from advancing in life. Get off that couch, quick eating all of that processed garbage and fix your life. You owe it yourself to make your dreams come true!




  1. Great post! Self doubt and negative self talk are two things I am working on by practicing giving and receiving compliments, engaging more with people and not being afraid to state my opinion even if it might he different.
    I completely agree that “trying to” and “going to” are extremely overused. Action is key! And yes, so what if you fail? Nothing stopping you from trying again in a whole new (and maybe even better) way!
    As the Great Wayne Gretsky once said…”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”
    Thanks for the motivation!


  2. There is a lot of truth here. Sometimes people just need to do it instead of saying that they wish they could do it because the reality is, often (not always), they are the ones holding themselves back.


  3. Great post! Saying “I’m trying”, and similar statements, is definitely a bad habit, and one I’m guilty of myself! Getting out of that mentality and changing to a person of action can be extremely hard. I needed to read this! Thanks for the brutally honest post!


  4. Ha! Very I teresting way of framing things. Never thought of it like that before… How easy it is to get into the habit of saying, without really teaching ourselves how to do.

    Made me thing of the small ways in which I can really effect action in my own life 💯🙌🏾


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