Happy Wife Happy Life

I wouldn’t consider myself a traditional person by any means. Especially when it comes to the phrase , “Happy Wife Happy Life” I truly believe that everyone’s happiness should be taken in consideration. What about the men in this situation? What are we teaching our young boys? That making a woman happy, putting her on a pedistol just because, is acceptable. Your woman has to add to your happiness and vice versa. It’s not all about one person because relationship means two people, not one. No wonder so many marriages fail. Most men marry women just on physical attraction. Not because she adds to your peace, values your team, cooks, cleans and just overall, isn’t insufferable.

I don’t think woman realize what their saying when they repeat, “Happy Wife, Happy Life” so let me explain what it means. In translation, his happiness, feelings or emotions do not matter. He’s just going to say, “Whatever makes you happy babe!” because he doesn’t have a backbone and is afraid of her leaving him. In return, she’s still miserable and always seems unsatisfied. Meanwhile, this has now caused the “man” to be very sarcastic and cynical towards everybody because he doesn’t feel appreciated in the marriage. He won’t say it, he will just ignore it which leads to suicidal and sometimes, homicidal tendencies.

I’ve talked to a couple of married men who believe in this phrase. He doesn’t smile or anything. He’s very passive to answer if he’s actaully happy as well. It’s just weird that a guy would even say things such as:

1. Well sometimes my wife likes me

2. Oh I can’t stand being around her

3. It doesn’t matter if I’m not happy son but if your mother isn’t happy well it’s a problem

4. My wife won’t even talk to me sometimes.

But I thought “Happy Wife is a Happy Life right?” I mean that doesn’t sound like happiness to me. That sounds like misery. Why would I in my right mind ever subscribe to this. Common sense alone says before we even getting married she should be happy within herself. I should only ADD to her happiness and vice versa. It shouldn’t be MY main responsibility to go above and beyond to make her happy. Nowadays, I ask myself various questions whenever I’m talking to a woman because I’d like something long-term not short-term.

1. Is she still clubbing every weekend?

2. Does she drink excessive alcohol?

3. Is she overly promiscuous?

4. Will she add to my happiness?

5. Is she even happy within herself?

These questions are crucial because if the answer is no to all of my questions forget marriage, she isn’t even relationship material. Obviously, she’s self-absorbed within herself and needs Jesus and a therapist because it’s not normal to prelong your college days. Eventuall, you tone down the drinking and straigthen up because men are not responsible for fixing broken woman.

Women and men should both be happy in a marriage/relationship because without it they are just roommates. Besides, why be with someone who does not add to your happiness and simply does not want to? Never be in a rush to commit to anybody in 2020 because people do not know what they want. Marriages aren’t even sacred anymore because of “Happy wife Happy life” It’s the reason why marriages have declined because these men spend all of their efforts trying to appease bitter and scorn women who they should have never married to begin with.


  1. Man it’s hard to finish your post because out swinging so early. Happy Wife happy life dies NOT mean the man doesn’t matter. The matter IS the matter. We were designed. Created for men. NOT the other way around. God said he saw that Adam was lonely so he made him a helpmate. So by no means are we saying the man happiness doesn’t matter. We are NOT teaching our young men that they don’t matter. As a matter of fact we are teaching them the complete opposite. Often time it’s the woman cooking cleaning ironing nourishing the man that we say a happy wife is a happy life because we like okay mister I need to be taken care of now. I’ve feed you and the family. I’ve taken care of you spiritually by interceding on your behalf. I’ve taken care of you physically by being intimate now momma wants some attention too. See we need to go back to the old days where everyone had their respected place. This 21st century relationship is so jacked thus the reason why divorce is so high. Nobody wants to suffer wrong nor long. Keep em coming brother. I love them. 💓💓💓


    1. The post is directed towards the women who treat their men like servants only. Not to the women who actually treat there men like they are supposed to be treated. Simply put if it doesn’t apply let it fly. And yes, another blog will be posted next Monday.

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      1. But you said what are we teaching are young men. For a man to feel that his life is happy if his wife is happy is an excellent example for young men of today. For they are so far removed right now.


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