I’m not your bae

I don’t like it when a woman puts a title on me. I’m not your bae and we aren’t together. Honestly, it creeps me out like some weird Life time film or something. But all jokes aside! People need to quit doing this. It’s unattractive when anybody claims you as their significant other when they haven’t agreed to be because it shows that they are very possessive and controlling. Nothing is more unattractive than anybody who carries those characteristics about themselves. It’s an ultimate red flag that you should really look out for!

When I was in middle school, I’d hear women whisper about me being their boyfriend and even had a random girl in my class refer to herself as Mrs. Harris. I was never flattered once. But I damn sure was uncomfortable. I could never fathom why anyone would think this is cute. Doesn’t a light bulb go off in your head that they’re possibly going stalk you? Or are we just too turned on by each other’s ascetics to not notice it? As I got older, I’ve asked a couple of women why they put titles on men that aren’t theirs. Most of them have replied, “Because I can” or “Because he’s mine” Which just creeped me out! You’d try to tell them he’s not your boyfriend or bae only for her to cope an attitude and say, “Yes he is!” Which creeped me out even more!

I’m pretty sure that’s how it starts. It’s innocent flirting and claims that turn into something bigger. Call me paranoid if you want but ladies, you refer to me as your bae I’m creeped out by you and my attraction level has officially dropped to 0%. If we aren’t in a relationship I’m simply not yours. That’s it! Unstable and craziness does not attract calmness and inner peace. It simple cancels out!

Lastly, she’s not yours, he’s not yours. Nobody is your property and we are more than just looks. If nobody makes it official than we are still single. Therefore, don’t trip when he/she doesn’t want you. You creeped them out by calling them “Bae”. It’s not cute, it’s just creepy!

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