Forgive but never forget


We’ve all been screwed over by somebody! That’s just the way life is. With that being said, you must forgive people because most do not believe in right and wrong. Instead, they live in a grey area. You’ll never forget how somebody treated you. It’s impossible!
However, once you have forgiven them, simply keep your distance to prevent being played again.
When  I was 23, my friend was driving like an idiot while intoxicated. Although I knew better to be in the car with him. I thought I wouldn’t be bad. Also, I was drunk myself! He thought it was a brilliant idea to start speed racing with another guy not caring about my safety. I forgave him though. But instead of holding anymore animosity towards him inside of me, I decided to end our friendship. He doesn’t know what friendship is and in my opinion, he needs professional help for his actions. I hope he seeks it but I can’t force him to.
At the age of 26, I’m convinced people live for drama. Please disregard what “horoscope sign” is more toxic than the other because there are just people who thrive on chaos. Their energy levels simply do not connect with my mind or my heart anymore. However, you and I need to understand we must not fix them but simply let them have their own coming to Jesus moment or seek therapy.
I am not a vengeful man although I do believe in karma. When I was younger I watched “The Count of Monte Cristo” (2002). The plot follows Edmond Dantes (Jim Cavizel) who is wrongly convicted by his “friend” Fernand (Guy Pierce) for committing a treasonous act. For Dantes’s punishment, he is sent to the Cheatu D’if to rot forever. While Dantes contemplates his life, Fernand starts life without him with Dantes’ former woman Mercedes (Dagmara Domińczyk). However, Dantes escapes the prison and seeks revenge against Fernand and the others who betrayed him. In their final showdown, he finally kills Fernand in a bittersweet victory. Why? Because he didn’t take the advice from the Priest (Richard Harris) who warned him about his lust for revenge. Unfortunately, Dantes was blinded by his own rage thus it prohibited him from learning this vital lesson.
There’s no need to be permanently angry at anybody who has wronged you. Forgive but never forget. Remember, one who is unfulfilled within themselves never grows, they simply plateau.

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  1. I stopped after you said you got in the car with a drunk friend and you were drunk too. If you were so responsible you wouldn’t have let either of you drive and called an Uber or some other service. So again forgive and never forget is an immature thought process. As my granny would say, “just keep living.”

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    1. Also this was when I was 23 and the point of this blog is growing through experience and to not find grudges against others or yourself. I no longer drink and I think about everything before I do it so I believe I’m maturing as a person.

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