Being a follower means that your FAKE! Many people are misusing prescription medication and other recreational drugs to numb the pain. However, it’s really because they don’t understand themselves.
Most people want to fit in so badly they’ll do whatever everyone is doing with any awareness. One minute it’s punk rock, next minute it’s hip-hop and now it’s vaporware. Diet culture just changes with the season. When it’s Fall their a carnivore, Spring their a pescitarian, Winter their a Vegetarian, and when it’s summer theya Vegan.
This is why I don’t take many people seriously and keep to myself. Our society projects, “I wanna’ be liked” energy that stems from a broken childhood that remains unfixed into adulthood. I encourage all of you who are struggling with who you are to watch “coming of age” films”. If people understood “coming of age” films they’d understand the importance of just being an unapologetic version of yourself.
One of my favorite “coming of age” films is “Dazed and Confused” (1993) which follows a couple of bored teenagers that are getting ready to wrap up their junior year. Therefore, out with school and in with debauchery. As the film progresses, Randall “Pink” Floyd (Jason London) Randall starts to have a crisis on his hands. He’s the school’s star football player who is asked to sign a pledge promising not to take drugs during the summer or do anything that would “jeopardize the goal of a championship season”.
As night turns to dawn, Pink, Wooderson, Don, Ron Slater, and several other friends decide to smoke marijuana on the 50-yard line of the football field. The police arrive so they ditch the drugs. Recognizing Pink, the police call Coach Conrad, his football coach. Conrad lectures Pink about hanging out with “losers” and insists that he sign the pledge. Pink says that he might play football but not on Coach Conrad’s terms. Therefore, he crinkles up the paper and throws it at him.

People that don’t understand cinema psychology and individuality can’t comprehend are asking, “Why didn’t Pink just sign the pledge? I mean all he had to do was not get caught and he would’ve been fine.” What you don’t understand is that Pink never had a problem with playing football. But when his coach and his teammates kept nagging him saying, “Pink just sign the paper already man.” After hearing this, Pink just FORCED to play football. Therefore, the contract symbolized entrapment instead of freedom. No individual wants to ever feel trapped. Hints why he didn’t sign the paper.
“Coming of age films” are a rare breed in cinema history. They explore the challenges and obstacles a typical teenager faces in day-to-day life. Therefore, our subconscious asks us, “Do I know who I am, or am I just a fraud?” As a collective, we rarely think for ourselves instead of actually looking at ourselves, by ourselves. Let’s work on being more present instead of thinking about the past and the future. Trends all die but real people, live forever.

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