Quit trying to be perfect..

When I was a kid I wanted everyone to like me. I constantly changed my appearance, my tone of voice, and the way I walked. As a creative, it’s not easy stepping out of your comfort zone. Usually, you are still worrying about what your mentors, teachers, or parents taught you. You’ve gathered different opinions from different sources. But it’s just that different sources. In return, you pride yourself on perfecting everything you’ve been taught.

In the back of your mind, you feel you need the perfect transitional phrases, words, and you always have to have the right word to say. All because you feel you have to be perfect. However, you must understand that no one is perfect. The only way to find yourself is by truly forgiving yourself for making mistakes. Until then, you will continue to suffer.

As I mentioned earlier, being creative isn’t easy. I learned about the basics of writing ever since I was a child. Yes, I took advanced courses when I became an adult but I realized I still didn’t have my own style.

When I started reading more I was envious of Henry David Thoreau, Langston Hughes, Marcus Garvey, and Ralph Emerson because they found out who they were. That built up envy made me doubt myself as a writer.

My blog “Unpopular Opinions” has been around for about 2 years now. 2 years ago I just couldn’t write a consistent blog because I kept on worrying about writing the “perfect” blog. Here are the questions I used to ask myself:
-Is it going to be strictly conservative and cater to an older audience?
-Should I be edgy and capitalize on “Call-out culture” to gain more views so I can attract a younger audience?
-Should I swear or not swear?
-Should I add images or videos?
-How long should each post be?
-Am I going to use this blog to gossip about others even if it’s true or not?
-Am I going to be the typical “motivational guru” and pride myself on inspiring everyone as Eric Thomas does?
-Am I going to write “conspiracy theorist” posts like Jesse Ventura to gain more traction?
There were so many possibilities with this page. However, I just decided to write exactly how I felt in light that others could relate or change their way of thinking. When I simplified this, my writing started to become more effortless and my worries about impressing others, getting in the newspapers, being seen by another job, and most importantly, “writing the perfect blog” became meaningless.
I don’t care about what your race, gender, or economic status is because we are all human. Over the years mainstream media separated us out of fear that we’d find our own full potential. All you have to do is be good to others and expect nothing in return. There will be others who do not like your style of creativity but it doesn’t matter.

True creativity comes from gaining a dangerous sense of freedom. When you are free you no longer like perfection as something to look up to. You see as just another word!


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