After my break from social media..

I decided to take break from social media because between promoting my upcoming book, keeping up with the blog, the news, and other ventures in my personal life, I was physically and mentally drained. I started to have bizarre thoughts like “No one cares about what your doing, this is a waste of time, and find another career.” However, these thoughts were just temporary.

Furthermore, I figured it be best to just leave social media for a week and to be honest, I felt amazing. The feeling of just not waking up in the morning, scrolling social media to keep up, and checking my own pages constantly to see how they were doing gave me such great relief. As a content creator it’s frustrating and exhausting feeling like you’re out of the loop. You always get this paranoid feeling that you need more followers, you need to keep up with so-and-so, and your content is not up to par. However, majority of this is just in your head.

The problem with social media is that everyone is giving out information trying to sell you something or makes you complacent. You can’t escape it unless you log out. Therefore, if you don’t log out you will risk overloading yourself with too much information.

As far as overloading my brain with too much information, I am guilty of this myself. There are many groups on Facebook that we’ve joined in order to become a better writer. When I was writing my book, “Suffering in Silence: August 15th 2003” I looked up so much information that I just didn’t need to such as:

Buy my book on Amazon!

You feel your phone is vibrating when it’s not

      You keep scrolling and refreshing your page for “new” information every minute or hour

      You’re less productive at the workplace

      You’re always late for work

      You haven’t hung out with anyone in a long time

      You check it first thing in the morning or before you go to bed

After realizing that this was pointless I just stopped worrying. The book will either do well or not. The problem was that I was overloading my brain with too much information and I just didn’t know where to start. I had followed too many pages so when I scrolled down my page all I found was:

Like for Like
How do you obtain more revises?
Book Publishing companies
Self Publishing Tips

All of this information just gave me a massive headache. So here’s what I did. I un-followed majority of these pages. It was for the best and I could tell who had my best interest and who just didn’t. After that, I didn’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

Also, I learned that is in correlation to social media. I do not have to keep checking my social media to see if people liked my posts. If people liked it cool, if they don’t; also cool. It just doesn’t matter.

Majority of the people following my page are loyal fans and keep coming back for more. I don’t have to keep destroying myself or feel obligated to keep putting posts out. I can do it when I want to and others will understand.

In regards of social media logging out is the best solution. Many of are unaware that you need to log out to save your mental health, Well, here are the signs to look out for:

Taking a break from social media will not hurt you or anyone. Besides, if anyone needs you they can contact you via phone or email. Keep that in mind because that’s what true family and friends do. Sure, it’s convenient to reach out to someone via social media but if have their phone or email.


  1. I dropped off social media for about 18 months, and just resurfaced about a month ago. It was wonderful for my mental health, but a death sentence for my (then) new blog getting any traction. Alas, I’m back now, ambivalent, and trying to use social media to find other interesting bloggers like you while, hopefully, getting my own blog a little more exposure. I don’t worry about the traffic stats too much anymore. I log on for a bit every day, check on things, engage with a few other bloggers if I find something interesting, and then get back to my life. Blogging is a just hobby for me. Those who like what I put out will come back. Those who don’t, won’t. It’s all good.

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