WWW it’s all about me, I don’t have to follow the rules!

Guest Blogger: Dorian Owens

We live in a society where people choose to be unkind, respectful, or ever accountable for their actions or follow the rules. The dictionary defines rules: a prescribed guide for conduct and action. Conduct and actions are important words that exhibit a person’s character.

Therefore, you cannot place a dollar value on character because it is invaluable, some people have it and others don’t. The ones who don’t have character are the people I place in the category of “www it’s all about me.” You will find that these individuals will manipulate the rules and cleverly circumvent the narrative to make you think you are crazy. When in reality, they’re clearly not following the conduct of accountability.

In my sixty years of life I have met some interesting human beings including closely or extended relatives. During my years I have prided myself with respect and accountability. Which is why I say what I mean and mean what I say!

If I have clearly explained to a person my position on an issue it does not change the meaning of what I said. I give respect and expect it in return. I will even give you grace a couple of times if you disrespect me after the third time all bets are off and I place you in the category of, “we are going to agree to disagree”; and you are now someone I have lost respect for and anything you say in the future, I will not believe.

What I have beared witness to in this “WWW it’s all about me”, society we live in, people don’t want to hear your opinion, and they want you to hear their opinion coming out of your mouth. Translation, I can clearly tell you how I feel on an issue that relates to me regarding respecting my boundaries, the person hears, “It doesn’t matter how many times you told me about your boundaries, I’m going to do what I want since it’s all about me!

People will make excuses or blame others for their actions. For instance, they’ll purchase a car, telephone, rent an apartment, or buy items on credit card even if their immediate bills aren’t paid. Then, they’ll have the nerve to blame the company in order to neglect personal responsibility to maintain a schedule of the due dates and pay their bills on time.

These type of people will become agitated when you attempt to explain it’s their responsibility, not yours to manage their life. We have all seen the lack of accountability when you are driving to and from your destinations. These individuals will cut you off in traffic, cause an accident, and proceed along their merry way because they lack compassion for others.

The only way things are going to change is to take a stand, call out these individuals, and let them know the world is not all about them. Then and only then will these individuals change their selfish ways.

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