Respect is everything.

What is one of the most fundamental keys in business, friendship, relationships, or family? Respect. If respect isn’t established beforehand, than trust and loyalty cannot be established either. Respect means so much to me and even more now because of the current times we live in. I don’t know if it’s just me but you can’t be around me if I don’t respect you and vice versa because we’ll never see eye-to-eye.

Over the years I’ve found myself torn between the two concepts of respect. The first one, “You have to earn respect” and the second one being, “You have to give respect in order to be respected.” I agree that order to have anyone respect you it means you have to be disciplined, stand for something, and abide by a certain code of law. In return, others will naturally respect you because you respect yourself.

On the other hand, you do have to be respectful towards others. When I was younger, I’ve heard many people say, “I can’t respect somebody like that.” I wasn’t sure what they meant by that but now I believe it’s because they don’t like the way that person carries themselves. Especially a person who thinks it’s funny to publicly shame somebody.

Now I don’t mean just harmless jokes for the sake of playing around. I mean constantly picking on somebody and singling them out in front of everyone for your own amusement. I remember this one kid that the guys and I used to hang out with always felt like he was hotshit and couldn’t understand who rude he was. He would always do outlandish things like try to punch you in the balls, overtalk you, and just tell your to shut up in a very condescending way. And yes, in front everyone, all of your friends, your crush, everyone. Just imagine how pissed off you would be!

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Fortunately, we came to our senses and just isolated him from the group. No wonder he’s still not doing anything with himself. People like this aren’t worth respecting. These are the kind of people who love to manipulate everyone else with words such as, “you’re my only friend, I love you, and you’re like family to me.” It’s all an act! They just want you to stick around and feel sorry for them but you have to be brave and leave. If you don’t, bad things will only continue to happen.

Lastly, choose people very carefully and pay really close attention to their actions. If they’re already rude and arrogant towards everyone else, don’t be surprised if they do the same exact thing to you. They’re not joking around, they just don’t respect you.

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