You don’t deserve anything!

I don’t believe anyone deserves anything! Everybody needs to get up and work for what they have. When you keep giving people everything they’ll believe the world revolves around them and they’ll never understand adversity or perseverance. All they’ll know is how to complain and whine telling anyone who will listen, “Why is everything so hard?” Understand that in life nothing is supposed to be easy. If we knew what was going to happen all of the time we’d just complain about how predictable life is.

People who believe that the world owes them something will continue to struggle. This isn’t even directed to my generation “the millennials” because if we are being honest, people in general believe something should be handed to them because that’s how they were raised.

For example:

Young children yell, “Mommy/daddy I want a milkshake!”
Dad/Mom calmly reply, “Okay, we’ll get you one honey just please calm down!”
“No I want it now!” screams the young child
“Okay, Okay we’ll get it right now. I’m sorry!

This is how many parents raise their children and it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen. They raise them to be entitled brats who believe if they throw a temper tantrum loud enough that they’ll get what they want. It doesn’t work that way. You need to discipline your kids and only award them for their good behavior, not because you don’t want to hurt their feelings and get them to shut up!

Even though I’ve been raised the right way I like many other young kids strayed away from my core beliefs. For those of you who may be new to my blog I used to live a life filled with alcohol and marijuana. During that dark time in my life I thought I was living my best life. I kept telling myself, “I’m just having fun and when I get older I’ll get it all together!”

I even went as far as to blame God himself because I wasn’t doing better in life. But I wasn’t getting anywhere because I wasn’t living a life of purity and purpose. Honestly, I was in denial about my lifestyle choices and it’s the reason why I quit clubbing and bar hopping. I had to realize when you’re clubbing or bar hopping every weekend you’re not getting anything accomplished. Since you’re not accomplishing anything you feel inadequate and just like me you say, “I don’t why but I just feel depressed. Nothing has actually happen but I just feel lost like I’m not going anywhere.” When the truth is you are unfocused and not seeking any direction.

When you wasting your money, time, and efforts at the clubs and bars you aren’t focused. You believe your life should be better but let’s be honest it’s not and it’s all your fault. I couldn’t keep blaming God and others anymore it was just my own fault. That’s it.

It comes a time where we as people need to wake up and get our lives together. Now is not the time to complain about how you deserve better but you’re playing Russian Roulette with your life. You’re still seeking pleasure and intimacy from multiple people and you still don’t love yourself.

You’ve joined almost every positive and empowerment group and you still feel miserable. That’s your own wrongdoing. Nobody deserves anything in this world just because of who they are, what their name is, gender, race, social, and economic status etc. People will only respect you and help you if you work hard, persevere, quit making excuses, and inspire to do better.

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