The 2nd addiction keeping you from your full potential

In last week’s blog I discussed lust and how it has been the number one hindrance in a man’s success. This week, I will discuss the #2 addiction keeping you fro your full potential, which is FOOD! Lust and Food addictions correlate with having drinking, drug and alcohol problem. Think about it, when you have a food or lust problem you most likely have a problem with drugs, promiscuous sex, and binge drinking as well due to the fact that you’ve never learned how to control yourself. Whenever you’ve seen someone screaming at the top of their lungs at somebody, 9 times out of 10 they have a problem with food, lust, alcohol, drugs, or promiscuity.

Over the years I’ve learned that many people can cut out smoking, drinking, and even drugs. However, they tend to pick up another addiction which is commonly referred to as cross addiction. answers why replacing one addiction with another is so common? According to the site, “Drugs, alcohol, gambling, sex, and eating all stimulate a part of the brain sometimes referred to as the “pleasure center.” A person in recovery for drug abuse can become addicted to another substance or activity very easily when that action causes the same chemical reaction in the brain that their drug(s) of choice did. Many people mistakenly think that they are safe from becoming addicted to something other than their primary substance of abuse.”

It’s a very interesting take to say the least. I remember when I was fat I was just so miserable. I gave up smoking weed but I replace it with food. I just couldn’t stop eating and it would just get worse. I didn’t even recognize how depressed and anxious I was but because I wanted to feel pleasure and mainly just get through the day. I ran away from the problem and convinced myself, “Well, I’m just big boned that’s all!” Although the truth was I was out of energy, could barely walk up the stairs, go for a walk, or really function without caffeine or sugar.

The problem with our world is people do not know how to mean “NO!” Sure, we say, “No, I’m not doing this anymore!” However, most people don’t stick with this mindset. It’s the reason why so many people just continue to overeat but will often say, “At least I don’t have a drug problem!” Without realizing when you are addicted to anything, it’s a drug.

The Mainstream media, aka “Tell-lie-vision” will have you believing that the current over consumption of food is getting even worse because of Covid19 and the presidential election. At my job I’m hearing many people say, “I’m eating more because I’m so stressed out!” However, I disagree. I understand that this is a stressful time filled with uncertainty but is overeating really the solution though?

Rather when you want to hear this or not it doesn’t matter who is elected, another virus will happen soon, and the reason why you overeat is due to something tragic that happened to you. It’s the same show every 4 years and it has nothing to do your mental and physical health. If you were already eating unhealthy the president or covid has nothing to do with that. The problem is you!

You can either seek counseling or keep running away from the problem but the more you keep blaming the president you become the victim and not the victor. No one respects someone who plays the victim. I know, that’s harsh but it’s the truth! People like others who decide to better themselves everyday instead of blaming another obstacle. I knew that my life was deteriorating and the reason why I was eating so much is because I couldn’t handle stress. I decided to be a runner and guess what? Others didn’t respect me or even view me as a man. As men I think we know that women don’t look at you, your boss looks past you, you friends treat you like a push over, your respect as a man is DE-valued.

However, once I started mediating, fasting, and exercising again I gained my respect back. I’ll be honest with all of you, weight in my family has always been an issue due to us eating too much. I decided I’ll break this cycle and do my best to keep my weight off and inspire others.

Look at the greatest leaders from our time. The likes of Maya Angelou, Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Bill Gates, Nikola Telsa and many more. Notice how all of them keep themselves in shape. They didn’t do any goofy fad diets, follow the advice of other fat people, or keep playing the victim. They decided to find their purpose and conquer their personal insecurities. So many people refuse to look in the mirror critically. What I mean by that is sometimes too postive can be a bad thing. (I’ve commented recently on the body positive movement a while back you should check that out!) I don’t care how many people tell you how great you look. If you don’t feel great, you never will until you do something about it.

  • You know you shouldn’t have been eating fast food this whole week
  • You know you could have told your co-worker, “No thank you!” when they offered you pizza
  • You know that whenever become emotional from a bad break up, a misunderstanding in an argument with your partner, a long day at the job, or because you just felt like you “deserved” it.

Today, I want you to start being more logical about food. There is nothing wrong with eating out or eating junk food. However, if your, “What I eat in a day?” is
• Breakfast: 2 slices of pizza and 10 wings
• Lunch: 1 bowl of pasta, a half cup of cheese, 2 cookies
Snacking throughout the day: 2 bags of chips, chocolate, diet soda(Which is worse than regular soda)
• Dinner: Steak and potatoes with a couple of glasses of wine or vodka

I’m hear to tell you that you are killing yourself slowly. Life is a struggle internally and externally. When you cannot create this balance you will never be able to find solutions. Why do you think our world is more emotional than ever before? Corona or any other obstacle didn’t do this. People these days are struggling with something that they need to get to the bottom of. You can listen to all of the affirmations, self-help gurus, spiritual YouTube channels or just anything to make you “feel better”. However, if you don’t control your emotions and your reactions you are destined to fail and die sooner than you think!

Finally, I know that you are tired of suffering in your own silence. In order to quit hearing those voices of doubt and insecurity you must face your problems head on. But I can only guide you along. If you want to make a change, that change must start with you!

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