1. I understand your sentiment on a very personal level. I’ve enjoyed my time as a teenager, but I started to appreciate my solitude when I hit mid-20’s. Nowadays, it’s hard to enjoy my time alone because I already have 3 kids, but I particularly love sipping my first cup of coffee in the garage, early in the morning, before they get up 🙂

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  2. I definitely understand this! I enjoy my times alone and not having to talk all the time or act interested in what everyone is talking about… even if it’s something ‘important’ happening around me.

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  3. Yeah, I can relate. I do love a good conversation, though, but that’s hard to find these days. Kinda like you said, it’s all Trump, corona, tv, more Trump, more corona, weather, Trump again, etc. I’ve found you have to do the small talk to get to the big talk. The problem is that I’m not willing to invest the energy with someone if I don’t think they have any big talk in them. And…it shows. That translates into a lot of solitude.

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  4. I am not a fan of monotonous conversation just for the sake of talking. However, I am extremely social and love the connections I build and cab personally speaking hours on end talking to my conversational equal.

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    1. I agree when it comes to building real conversations instead of small talk. However, As an introvert, I sometimes find it hard to connect with many people. Hints why I enjoy my solitude or meaningful conversations with few people.


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