Why Good people get so tired quickly..

As I good person I’ve realized many people lack morals and principles these days. However, this has nothing do with race, social status, or economic status. But mainly, a lack of kindness for nature, themselves, and others.

Many people in this world do not care about you. This is the truth that you need to accept and LEARN not to take it personal. From personal experience, I’ve learned that my best bet is to become indifferent towards others opinions of me, what they believe is right or wrong, how they view the world, or their political ideologies because it just does not matter. Before you question my indifference, answer this question to yourself. Why do I have to live for others expectations when every one has a different expectation of me anyway?

Have you ever heard anyone say, “I’m an extremely passionate person!” This is not a good thing. Although I believe in having passion in everything that you do I do also believe that when you take your passion to the extreme it can possibly kill you. I remember being really passionate about this fraternity (which will remain nameless) in 2014. I really wanted to make changes, see our fraternity grow, in numbers, and help others along the way. However, reality smacked me in the face.

I had to deal with people not showing up for scheduled events, college students acting like children, the main board acting unprofessional, and just other petty “I don’t like you” politics. When the only reason why I wanted to join this fraternity was because I stood for our principles leadership, friendship, and service. I was all in and I really passionate about upholding these standards not just for myself, but as a example for future members as well. But I was so naive that I couldn’t see that others just wanted to improve their resumes and gossip with others. Lesson learned though.

Good people tend to be passive. So of course I didn’t want to say anything. I wanted to keep quiet and be a good ol’ boy but one day I just had enough. With all the pettiness going on I just said, “I”m so done.” Just imagine sitting in a room for 3 hours discussing the same problems weekly without anyone realizing that it just stems from one word, “ACCOUNTABILITY”.

I was doing all I could and I just felt like others weren’t holding their end of the bargain. So I did something I slightly regret. I told everyone in that room how I felt about the direction the fraternity was going. I called the whole fraternity out for really just being fake, being unaccountable, not being leaders and overall, not giving a damn about anyone but themselves. After I was done talking, I suddenly realized no one in the room was getting it so I decided to quit the next day.

You see, my passion was just gone. I couldn’t do it anymore. Good people are passionate people. However, your passion can wear on your mental health. I felt like I was being disrespected but I just felt like I had to keep going to keep the fraternity alive. I felt that my passion would be seen by others and that would be enough. However, I was wrong. In hind sight, I remember when we were doing our best to even become a fraternity Yes, we weren’t actually a fraternity because we didn’t fill out all the proper paperwork just yet. But when we finally got everything in order in 2015, we were official.

I had this sick feeling in my stomach just telling me, “Do not move forward with these people because it’s not going to work out.” However, I told myself, “Nah man, you’re just being paranoid!”

The truth about me is that I don’t fit in anywhere and my passion has been given to those who don’t deserve it. I’ve learned from this experience and many others that it’s best to walk away. Good people, realize that worth your time, effort, and energy needs to be protected. Even with me writing this right now, there’s a couple of others things I just need to walk away from…

Lastly, keep your head up good people because this world is not designed for all of us. You many think that your hard work is not paying off but in the long run it will when you focus on what’s really important to you. I’m blessed that I’ve gone through these kind of experiences because I realized that I’m a rare breed in a world full of painfully similar people. People who would rather tear each other down and act as if they stand for a noble cause. In reality, their just full of it. Good people still exist in this world but we just get tired of others not putting in a righteous effort to be good at all.

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