Never gossip at the workplace

Not everyone at your job is your friend or family. Many of your co-workers will smile in your face and gossip about you behind your back to ruin your reputation. I know this isn’t what you wanted to hear but it’s what you need to hear. The workplace can be friendly one minute and the next minute it can be a war zone. Your best bet is to do your job, be cordial, and mind your own business because your good spirit irritates other people’s demons. 

I don’t know why many people believe in the cliche phrase, “We are all one big happy family” because it’s not true. A TRUE family doesn’t gossip about you behind your back, make you feel uncomfortable, or give you any kind of bad vibes. They truly love you and support you. Also, if they had something to say to you they would pull you to the side and tell you. Not humiliate you in front of everyone. And then it gets worse! They’ll say, “Hi Caleb!” like the whole situation never happened. 

I come to terms that everyone is raised differently. I was raised to keep your nose clean. You didn’t think that just ANYBODY was your friend or family. They either earned that title or you set a boundary towards that individual.

Over the years I’ve even had people try to destroy my character by spreading rumors about me usually regarding the following:

  • He’s unprofessional.
  • He’s not very talkative, does Caleb even like me.
  • I don’t trust him.

There was a time where I believed in the foolish phrase, “We are all one big happy family”. I had to realize that in the workplace not everybody is your friend or family, y’all just work together. Let me just clear it up now. None of those rumors were true. But I kept my mouth and remained calm because it just wasn’t worth it.

Now I’m learning that the more competent you are at your job the more rumors are spread about you. Certain coworkers feel intimidated by your presence and will try to make your life uncomfortable because THEY FEEL you don’t fit in with the climate. What is the climate? Nobody knows because most 9-5 jobs do not have a general direction of where the company is even going due to lack of communication and other issues. But mainly a lack of communication.

I’ve worked a couple of jobs over the years. People have also described me as anti-social, weird, and standoffish. I’ve had people who used to talk to me but suddenly stopped talking to me. Why? Because I didn’t gossip with them, they believed an untrue rumor about me, I mind my own business, and am just cordial with everyone I work with which is simply not a problem at all because I’m not responsible for others not liking me. I just live in a world where people want to fit in so badly that they’ll do just about anything. Which is sad because we are all just employees. Nothing more, nothing less.

Unfortunately, your kind spirit and good vibes irritate people who are dealing with internal struggles. I’m telling you to develop this stoic principal to protect your heart because the Empath is under attack. We don’t live in a world where people want to do right by others without being put on a pedestal of greatness. We live in a world where if somebody wants to take you out they will not hesitate to do it. It’s a sad reality but in order to survive we must learn to never take it personal, do our jobs correctly, and remain optimistic at all times. That’s how we fight back. When it comes to gossip do not join in, never tell just anybody your problems, and remain focused on yourself, your friends, and family. 


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