I don’t buy Christmas gifts

I know around this time of year everybody is buying gifts for their friends and family. However, I just do not see the point in it. Why do I have to buy anyone anything just because it’s Christmas? Shouldn’t loving, caring, and supporting your friends and family be enough? Is it me or is that our world is so obsessed with receiving more than giving? It’s even gotten so bad that people will even question you, “Do you love me?” or Ghost you just because they didn’t get a gift from you. What’s even worse is we’re conditioned to buy people gifts just to impress and make amends with others. Not because we genuinely want to do it. Only because we feel obligated to. However, what does that do to our mental health? 

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Some families just don’t like one another. Sure, they love one another but they do not like each other. It’s sad because I know family right now who truly believe that gifts make others happy. But if you say, “I don’t buy any Christmas gifts” they’ll complain about how ungrateful you are to others in the family. They’ll even go as far as disowning you as well or make you uncomfortable around them.

I also can’t stand the “elephants in the room”. 

  • You know, how mother and son don’t get along because she said, “I never wanted you!” out of anger when he was 8. But when she wants to come back in his life around Christmas like nothing happened and buy him a new car, he’s supposed to be open arms. 
  • Or how two cousins used to be peas in a pot. But when cousin Johnny decided to start smoking weed, cousin Jamal can’t even get him to respond to a text. So now they barely even speak. However, when Christmas comes around Cousin Johnny wants to say, “Merry Christmas! I bought you the new Jordans. Damn, it’s been a minute. How come you don’t hit me up anymore.” Instead of catching up and getting to know each other again as adults. It’s just like Drake said, “There’s issues at hand that we are not discussing.” 

I remember when I was at work a couple of days ago and I was asked if I wanted to participate in Secret Santa. Of course I told them no because I didn’t see the point in buying anyone anything. No one said anything but I did get a couple of disapproving looks. I’m not sure as to why that is but I just didn’t get it. (I mean I just thought protecting one another and helping each other on a daily basis at work was enough. But hey, I guess I’m wrong.) Their looks made me feel like I should be guilty, that I was being cheap, or I just didn’t care for Christmas. Although none of this is true it’s funny how people will try and make you feel guilty because you didn’t buy them anything.

I’ve learned that money is not everything. When you’re flat broke it seems like the only thing but one can easily lose all of their money if they’ve never learned how to spend it properly. The truth is many people are running up their credit cards just to buy the PS5, new shoes, clothes and expensive material. However, we never sit down and teach others how to keep making more money, donating to the homeless, and even saving our money. We are all falling for the same tired cliche, “If you can’t beat em’ join em’” so we just continue to suffer with our mental and physical health. 

According to Moneywise.com “The average shopper plans to spend $992 on gifts this holiday season, according to a survey from the American Research Group, and many people will unexpectedly pile up debt to cover the cost.” So let me get this straight! We are supposed to spend almost 1,000 dollars just to make others feel better about themselves because everyone is. Nah, miss me with that! 

People at my gym and at my job are so stressed out over how they’re going to afford all of these things. You would just think even during Covid-19 that we should just be thankful for our family, friends, co-workers and our partners that aren’t dead or very ill right now. But instead, people are more worried about how to make the “perfect materialistic Christmas” with expensive shiny gifts!

Here is an alternative. Instead of making yourself broke why don’t you:

  • Send encouraging texts/calls to the ones you love, 
  • Donate clothes or money to the homeless 
  • Cook food for people and give it away for free

I believe in saving money and not going into debt. I already owe my college money for my schooling and I’m not going to let others intimidate me because I don’t want to buy anyone anything. Instead, I donate money to organizations surrounded around mental and physical health and to the homeless for nothing in return, I celebrate my family and friends being alive and well, I thank God daily that I still have a car that works and a job that pays the bills. The last thing I’m worried about is buying anyone anything. Instead, I will give them something that money can’t buy, WISDOM! With my wisdom that I’ve learned from many people, christianity, psychology, communications, my friends, family, and mentors I’ve learned that the commercialism around Christmas is out of control and needs to be stopped. The world is too crazy to be wrapped up in spending money on materialism and not expressing genuine love for one another. Keep this in mind before you put yourself in further debt to impress others.

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Here’s Why You Should Stop Exchanging Christmas Gifts

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