Money doesn’t heal your pain

Many still believe if they had all the money in the world, their problems would disappear. However, these people aren’t paying attention to celebrities who literally have everything and are still depressed. How can one have everything and still be unhappy you may ask? Well, when you only use money to buy everything you’ve ever wanted, harbor pain and hatred for the people who hurt you, and you have too many addictions (pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol, gambling) you have a hole in your heart.

I was watching Iyanla, Fix My Life: Season 4, Episode 6 where Marie Holmes had just won the lottery. You’d think she’s all set right? No more worries or issues because “she made it”. However, after watching this episode I was able to understand why she blew through the money so irresponsibly.

  • Her mother married a dope boy 
  • She has 4 kids
  • She used to work at Walmart
  • She never had a great relationship with both her parents 
  • She spent $21 million to bail her fiancé out of jail because she didn’t want to raise the kids alone

Now what Marie’s story is telling me is that she does not have the best relationship with MEN because she’s never been raised by or seen an actual MAN. Unfortunately, her mother has not seen a great man either so I wasn’t surprised that this cycle of “Dating dope boys” continued. Cycles like this continue and I also would not be surprised if Marie’s Grandmother didn’t have a great relationship with men either. Which is why I can’t yell at my television saying, “That’s her problem, how can she be so stupid for dating men like this.” Once you understand that people like Marie never learned how to break toxic patterns such as “dating dope boys” you’ll judge people a lot less.

I’m not going to spoil the details but I’ll link the video in the description below for your viewing pleasure. Many of us need to understand what money needs to be used for which is:

  • Eliminating debt
  • Starting a business
  • Investing in the stock market
  • Opening up multiple side hustles
  • Counseling/therapy

Money comes and goes. If you don’t find ways to grow your money you will remain broke. “Hurt people” who win the lotto usually believe this, “Since I have all of this money I’m going to buy everybody and myself whatever we want. Nobody has to worry about anything because money is no longer a problem.” What “hurt people” aren’t understanding is that buying everybody what they want doesn’t fix anything. Our society conditioned us to believe that our “Best life” is having everything we WANT instead of everything we NEED. Therefore, our inner struggles are still haunting us to this day.

This is why men and women are in gender wars with one another. The arguments are mainly based around bruised egos and childhood trauma which has translated into a bunch of CHILDREN OCCUPYING ADULT BODIES. Both genders want the upper hand and are willing to do anything it takes to get it. They’ll constantly brag about “The bag” as if that does anything for their spiritual healing. Money can’t fix all of your problems but discussing them and coming up with coping mechanisms can. Therefore, stop thinking you can buy your problems away because it’s toxic.

We have to rid ourselves of this mentality that “Money fixes everything”. If your heart is still holding onto a family, friend, co-worker or anyone who made you feel less than that means you aren’t healed yet. You have a vengeful spirit that is not of God and money cannot help with that. 

Iyanla, My Life S06 – Ep07 Lotto Drama HD Watch

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