Adapt or perish!

So many of us have been trained by society to fear the future or even the present. We have let fear stop us from progressing in life and it’s a damn shame. We’d rather scroll on social media all day instead of improve ourselves. We will tell everyone who will listen that, “2021 is going to be my year!” instead of putting the work to even improve OUR DAY! Isn’t that something. And guess what! Those people choose to just sit there and live in the dark years instead of embracing the light. How do I know this you may ask? Well, because that same guy was me!

A couple of days ago I was watching “Facing The Giants” (2006) which is a film about a christian football coach named Grant Taylor who was driving a broken down car, unable to have kids with his wife, and his football team couldn’t win more than 5 games. He got down on his knees and prayed to God but most importantly, he put in the work. He had to realize that he was, “Half the man he used to be!” which is something that has played into my life. 

I’ve always struggled with what my purpose is in this world. Oftentimes I’ve cried myself to sleep, dazed off in the middle of work, blamed God, and overall, I’d give up on life and slept the day away. I’d ask God, “Why does my name say bold but I feel so scared of the future!” 

Well to answer this question I have to go back to my high school days when I was a track and field star and well- known as one of the best throwers. But just like anything in my life I got bored. This led to me to be apathetic in getting better and oftentimes debating, “Why am I still doing this? What do I have to achieve here? Should I just quit and walk away? 

I had to tell myself the truth which was that I was complacent with my stats. I’d accept just getting by instead of training harder! Once I did this my stats improved in weeks because I changed my way of thinking. Trust me, I didn’t do this to say, “Hahaha I’m better than you”. But to tell myself, “I need to belong here and complacency is the death of self-improvement.”

Now that I’m 26 years old and whenever I don’t feel like doing something. I remind myself, “I have to prove something to myself and if I don’t, I’ll never achieve anything!” All of us need to be motivated but most of us don’t know what motivates us. Hints why we tell ourselves a bunch of positive nothings because we aren’t motivated to do better. 

In order to prevent from happening to you here are three simple tips that will help increase your energy and also your motivation to be a better version of yourself:

Cut out anybody who always complains:

I’m saying block these people or stop talking to them. 9 times out of 10 you’ve been on this person to better themselves but they just won’t. That’s not your concern. Some people can’t handle reality. They just want to live in their own illusion created by video games, gambling, getting high or drinking, or binge watching netflix or pornorgraphy. You can tell them, “Look you need to get your life together!” all you want but they’re not going to if they just don’t want to. It’s a hard choice to let go of somebody but that feeling lasts temporarily, not forever!

Stop following gossip, whiner, or life isn’t fair accounts:

I had some guy troll me about a couple of days ago for a video I made. In summary I just blocked him because I realized I just don’t like him. He’s just one of these, “Life isn’t fair. The government is a huge corruption!” kind of people. However, instead of taking responsibility for his own personal failures he takes it out on everyone else. These kinds of people do not deserve your presence. They don’t deserve a comment either but they deserve to be left alone to figure themselves out. Also, accounts like the shade room who just make fun of people or drag them when they are down. I’ve noticed that whenever I engage in meaningless gossip my mind feels terrible, I get a headache, or feel sick to my stomach. I didn’t know why at first but it’s because these types of accounts that we follow drag us down. We get so caught up in the drama and we forget what we wanted to do. It leaves us feeling unfocused and we don’t get anything accomplished. Instead, you should follow accounts who motivate you to do better because when you scroll down on social media you will feel like you have to improve yourself. Simple but effective!

Make yourself your own main priority 

You need to recharge. This is something I’ve had to realize in my early twenties. I thought if I just did a lot of things then automatically my life will improve. Boy was I wrong. I came out burned out because I was overworked and in denial about it. This is why I will always say take a day off. There should be a day where you do absolutely nothing. I know most of you feel bad about not doing anything but the key to improving your life is to have a balance. Think about it. How can you recover from the gym if you never take any days off? That’s why when I go to my gym most of the guys and gals are talking about how their legs or arms are sore. They’re probably not even sore. They’re probably injured. Be smart in this world and invest in your sanity. It’s the reason why we’ve lost so many great people to suicide because that person felt they couldn’t just take a nap, rest, or do absolutely nothing and recharge. 

Finally, in order to keep improving yourself you’ll need to realize that this is a journey. Every journey takes time! If you keep improving yourself daily whether it be working out, reading, writing, art, or whatever you are good at, it takes time. I remember when I wrote my first blog I thought it was awful. However, three years later of consistent effort and time my blog has grown. At first I looked at everyone else and was low-key jealous because their blog was growing and mine wasn’t. But I put my head down and improved my craft because I realized just like my track and field days, “I can’t improve if I get complacent!” Now I write with more confidence and I can say that I have a style that isn’t like everyone else’s. No longer do I look around and say, “How come they’re always doing better than me!” Now I tell myself, “It’s time to get off my ass and improve myself. The world does not owe me anything and it’s my responsibility to be a better man!”


  1. Your post seriously resonates with me. I am currently working on a new project at work, honing my yoga practice, and publicizing my 3-month old blog. When I feel disheartened because I feel like I’m not the best at what I do (cause I keep comparing myself to others who have been in the field for longer than me!), I tend to be complacent and just give up entirely. But you reminded me that I am doing this for myself and I owe myself to improve.

    “Be smart in this world and invest in your sanity.” – Yes, this should be said to a lot of people. In this day and age, mental health is really important! Thanks for spreading the word.

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