Hollywood has made us hate ourselves.

Hollywood has convinced us that you aren’t beautiful without a chiseled jawline, 6 pick abs, a bubble butt, or the right bust. You are either too skinny, too fat, or not muscular enough. Therefore, we Photoshop everything and use filters to hide our imperfections because we are afraid to embrace what we truly look like. Certain personalities in Hollywood have even been selected by the forces of evil to distort good vs. evil such as the Kardashians. However, I often wonder when it comes to dating do we look for any of these traits:

  • What will person add to my happiness?
  • Does this person believe in God?
  • Am I just horny looking for a hookup partner to escape my loneliness?
  • Is this person good for my health?

Hollywood is so clever that they’ve convinced men who talk like this that you’re soft, you don’t get any pussy, you’re a hater, a self-righteous bigot, or you aren’t a real man. When in reality, you’re just a regular everyday guy who doesn’t live in a fairy tale.

Most women want a thug, six-pack abs, a chiseled jawline, a man that believes in God and goes to church, don’t care about his criminal record or how he treats his mother, a roughneck “I don’t respect authority” attitude, a protector, and is freaky in the bedroom. On the other hand, most men want a woman with a big behind, believes in God, she gotta be “bad”, a big bust, a bad attitude, don’t care if she’s been with the homie or even wonder how high her overall body count is, and they also want a freak as well.

This ideal partner is going to hurt you every single time because they’re not looking for anything serious, they’re having fun just playing around. Now, what is the cause of this behavior?

Well, it starts in the home. If you haven’t seen any positive role models who strive to be better through their failures as a man or woman, saved themselves for marriage instead of engaging in multiple soul ties, and cleaned up their act to inspire others to do the same eventually you’ll end up a misguided soul trying s desperately to know what it’s like to be a man or woman.

These entertainers are not entertaining, they’re self-destructive. It’s one of the reasons why I believe award shows suck. These false prophets will always say, “I just want to thank God for this award!” While they publicly worship Satan, pump illegal supplements and drugs into their systems, and shake their dicks and ass for the world to see. But Hollywood has the nerve to say they’re not responsible for damaging the health of the youth.

I remember when I was younger I wanted to be a famous filmmaker. Now as an adult I do not want anything to do with Hollywood’s pedo agenda and the emasculation of men. I just want to make stories that inspire others, give an accurate representation of myself without losing myself, and help others with their mental health. However, I believe Hollywood does not want you to be real. Instead here is what they want:

  • You must feature either a perfect man and woman without any zits, must not have an ounce of fat on them, have great teeth, and a certain height.
  • You must have the paparazzi taking your picture or that means you’re not famous enough to stupid celebrity gossip magazines.
  • You have to make films that don’t inspire anyone to overcome adversity because they’ll come across as “too negative. Instead you’re pressured into making the audience feel good about themselves because the average American can’t handle the truth or any obstacle thrown at them.
  • You have to make films that go against your religion as a Christian because most directors/producers don’t even believe in God but they’re just “Spiritual” or plain out worship Satan.
  • You have to make films that cross the lines of borderline child pornography like the movie “Cuties” (I still can’t believe that film is still up on YouTube)

And guess what. If you stand up for yourself and say, “No, I’m doing this!” You will be blackballed or told you just can’t handle the pressure. I don’t know about you but if I have to sell my soul then it’s not worth it.

I don’t watch many Hollywood films and modern television because overall, I realized that what I watching didn’t serve my purpose. I viewed women as sex objects to play with at my leisure because the television shows I watched made me think this is what manhood is about. Just imagine how cold and lonely that way of thinking is. Shows like Power, Scandal, and Empire have destroyed the black race and distorted right from wrong. Which is why our people cannot pick the right partners. Yes the answer would be to turn to God but what church wants to discuss these kind of topics these days. Exactly not too many because most churches have pastors and false prophets who do not practice what they preach and simply, believe that they are God!

Lastly, your partner needs to be mentally and physically strong enough to have a successful marriage or relationship with or it’s not working out. Start to monitor what you are listening to and watching regularly because it’s really affecting your health. If you don’t see a problem with Cardi B. and Meg the Stallion talking about their WAP and Steve Harvey distorting the word of Christianity for views and fame then your health is jacked up! And no I’m not going to say, “We should accept everything and never speak against it.” because when you have a good heart you must speak against evil. This is not beautiful, this is ugly and Hollywood is mainly to blame. Sure, we can say just stop watching but the damage is already done. Instead, here is what you need to do today:

  • Surround yourself around good people
  • Read books that apply to who you want to be in life
  • Pray or meditate
  • Journal
  • Stop entertaining low-vibration stoner films, dumb comedy films, and any other form of “entertainment”
  • Listen to more positive and uplifting music
  • Watch more inspiring and inciteful films such as Coach Carter, Good Will Hunting, Rocky, and Lean on me to make you get off your ass and be better
  • Stop scrolling on social media looking for a hookup because you’re just bored and unfocused
  • Delete all dating apps because everyone is trying to hard to be perfect instead of just being real and genuine.

When you start doing this you’ll want to automatically improve yourself, and most importantly, your view of the opposite sex while shift from an obsession with control and pleasure, to a genuine love built on compassion and understanding. That’s when you will discover what beauty truly is.

Last week’s blog: https://unpopularopinionsdots.com/2021/02/01/you-need-to-get-serious/

Website: linktr.ee/charr8

Steve Harvey’s take on religion: https://youtu.be/nqH_wUiWOdA


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