Your anger will kill you

Many people are very angry in this world due to unhealed childhood issues. Oftentimes, that leads them to verbally abuse others, fight someone, or even commit murder. When your anger is so terrible that you are filled with rage 24/7, you need to seek help. If you choose not to, you will end up murdering or hurting someone which will have you spending a very long time in jail. 

When I was younger I used to watch horror films almost everyday that my thought patterns began to shape my everyday thinking in a drastic way. Around this time my anger was so bad that when I saw people committing acts of murder I didn’t see anything wrong with it because, “It was only a film.” However, I started to have visions of beating people up, my favorite slashers killing people I didn’t like, and overall, I just felt evil. I never acted upon these thoughts but they did scare me and make me ask myself, “Is there something wrong with me?”

During this healing process and my reconnection with God I’ve been realizing that I can no longer watch these kinds of films or any films that condone violence. However, I must admit that the psychology behind horror films, especially the sub genre “revenge horror” is very complex, but also quite intriguing. These killers were taking matters into their own hands because their flesh wanted to feel better. Most of the killers were harmless before they murdered or tormented their victims. Unfortunately, since they didn’t have any spirituality in them, they acted upon their feelings instead of seeking help.

For example: The Final (2010) is about a group of outcasts who are sick of being bullied by the football jocks and stuck up cheerleaders so they decided to teach them a deadly lesson by torturing them. In the beginning of the film you can tell that these people are nothing more than regular do-gooders to society. They don’t believe in Christ but however, believe in treating people the way they wanted to be treated. Unfortunately, high school is not always kind to everybody based on how you look.

I’m not condoning what they did and never will but this is what happens when people take advantage of you, harm you, and overall, make you feel less than. What they did was wrong but the school should have been preventing the situation which unfortunately, rarely happens. I’ve seen this film numerous times and still believe that anger can be deadly. Events like this happen a lot, but is cinema to blame? Yes and No.

Yes, because we should be protecting our eye gate. The bible is clear in one the ten commandments stating, “Thou shalt not kill.” When watching these films I can see how critics have tried to ban these kinds of films and any films with violent acts because we live in a world where the truth is mixed with falsehood. You don’t want your kids or anyone seeing this and believing that it’s okay to kill or hurt somebody because you felt like it. Which is why God says pray for the wicked and to not side with evil. 

I have to also say No because we can’t blame the movies 24/7. As I said earlier about protecting your eye gate and how killing or hurting someone is wrong, we need to exercise good judgment. People have childhood issues that have stemmed from childhood. It sounds pretty goofy to say, “After I watched Halloween (1978) I saw Michael Myers stab his babysitter and now I want to murder people.” Come on now. We all know that’s not true. You most likely have seen other people around you handle their altercations with violence so you’ve been conditioned to do the same. For instance, you may have seen your father punch or choke your mother, brother, or sister in a drunken rage. Therefore, your mind rationalized this way of thinking, “When I’m drunk and angry I can resort to violence” without even understanding you’ve been conditioned to believe this is okay. UNHEALED people blame the movies but HEALED people seek therapy, God, and take anger management classes for practical coping mechanisms. 

Have you ever wondered why so many people are in jail right now? Both men and women have issues with their anger. Which is why along with not watching horror films and films or television shows, I avoid drinking, drugs, sex and the club and bar life because I no longer feel comfortable around these people. Not shade or judgment, I just want to feel safe because this is how it starts. You’re at the club or bar with a woman and the two of you are dry humping one another. Deep in lust, without a care in the world of what God thinks. Some guy comes up to you and says, “Yo, that’s my girl!” You, roided up with liquid courage tell him, “She my girl now!” Before you know it, the both of you are fighting and you get stabbed. The wound was cut too deep and you lose your life because you didn’t just walk away! The woman’s “boyfriend” goes to jail for a long time and will have to fight to stay alive!

People reading this may say, “Caleb, it’s not that serious!” Well, it is. Over the years I’ve almost been in fights at the club over petty situations like that. If I didn’t take the time to control my anger I could have died myself. Most men and women who attend clubs/bars are angry and looking to relax from their day-to-day lives. Therefore, they have a couple of drinks too many and suddenly, they’re looking to fight or kill somebody over some foolishness all because they lack control of their anger. Nah, miss me with that!

I’ve also always found it odd that whenever I went clubbing or bar hopping I’d have to be patted down. It just made me feel like an animal or some kind of a criminal. However, when you’re younger, you don’t have the best judgment or when you don’t you follow the crowd until you learn otherwise. 

In conclusion, if you are struggling with your anger or terrible violent thought patterns you must:

  • Monitor your music and movies of any violence acts until you can control your anger.
  • End any romantic relationship with anybody who constantly makes you angry.
  • If you cannot verbalize how you feel without violence then just walk away.
  • Seek a therapist, spiritual counselor, or just read the bible (Or all three).
  • Get to the root of your childhood because it’s most likely where your anger comes from.
  • Establish coping mechanisms and put them all into practice. Action speaks louder than words.

Recognizing the problem is always the way to go. If you keep living in denial about it, you will never overcome your anger!

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