Greed has poisoned our souls

Greed. It’s the reason why our society is battling with an obesity crisis, and identity crisis, and overall, an emptiness that’s hard to explain to the average person. I ask myself and others why do men and women glorify money and eating good instead of counting their blessings? I have not received one logical answer. Instead I’m forced to endure a bunch of insane ramblings discussion:

-How food and money make me happy

-If I had all the money in the world I’d be happy

-Money would make my life easier

-If I had all of the money in the world I’d never struggle again

Although I must admit that we all need money I believe we just need enough. Obviously, you’ll need more money if you only work a part-time job as a Janitor for 11 an hr. However, if you are making 60,000 as a accountant and you’re still complaining about money, maybe you should evaluate your spending habits and also, if you truly love being an accountant. Money doesn’t bring happiness as you can see. The Janitor would love to make more money but the accountant is making more money and is probably more miserable than the janitor. But why though? The accountant doesn’t understand that money can fix everything. 

What makes it worse is how our society glorifies celebrities. These people are hopeless. They still do not understand that money isn’t everything. Obviously, they aren’t paying attention to :

  • When NBA Spurs star DeMar DeRozan admitted he battled depression
  • How Tupac Shakur and other famous black male rappers contemplate sucide because of their home conditions
  • Famous Actor Robin Williams and Linkin Park’s lead man chester bennington battled suicidal thoughts and unfortunately lost their fight

But still… People think having all of the money in the world is the answer. 

Being content I believe is better than being happy. When I was younger everyone around me put this crazy amount of pressure for me to be a rich filmmaker because they wanted me to take care of them. Looking back at it, I think this has hurt me. I put so much worth into being rich and famous that I’ve lost myself. Every book I wrote I told myself this has to make me a millionaire, I need to have more of a presence on social media, and I need more money to buy this, that, and the third. Suddenly, I became greedy. Greedy for money, wealth, material, attention, fame and fortune until I woke up and realized, I have enough. I can’t keep living for everyone else’s expectations of me because they’re very unrealistic. The average person lives in a fantasy land that has been skewed by reality television and mainstream media. However, they are in for a rude awakening when they turn off the television. 

When it comes to anything in life (food, money, material) never over do it. Is this to say, Never spend your money on your wants? NO. You just need to realize that you don’t need 5 televisions, you just need one, you don’t need to buy another pair of sneakers, you have enough sneakers, you have enough food, you’re just being lazy and you don’t want to cook, and you don’t need everyone to pay attention to you. Charlie Chaplin once said, “Greed has poisoned men’s souls.” which is why our society can not humble themselves and realize that they have enough. Take a lesson from everyone else around you. Yes they have more than you but ask yourself, “Are they truly happy or just pretending to be?” Many have been programmed to keep up with the Joneses by any means necessary, however, others have been born and raised to have morals and principles which will meet their needs and wants. Which one are you?


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