I thought I could improve without God

Over the past three years my self-improvement journey has taught me alot about myself. I’ve learned about how to establish boundaries, how to eat better, and control myself to a higher degree. However, in life you hit a pitfall. I became lost and often paranoid of my own surroundings. I began to question everything and even lost trust in almost everybody.

So instead of relapsing I decided to reach out to Him. Now, since I have regained my faith in God I realize I can only improve through Him. I used to be a per-Diem Christian. Translation: I read the Bible when I felt like it, I never prayed unless I wanted something materialistic, I only went to church on the weekends or holidays, and I only relied on my own understanding.

Over these past couple of months I’ve had to apologize to the Most High because I was wrong. I wasn’t living for God or inspiring people to do better through his word, I was just doing it for myself and views. I found myself at one point obsessing over not getting enough likes or engagement on social media. I even debated paying somebody to boost my followers just so I can hit a million to brag and boast about my page. But I was missing the point entirely.

I had to go from saying, “I did this!” to saying, “God did this!” Us as human beings we have a very selfish nature. We believe that no one else has helped us which makes us extremely independent. In return, we isolate ourselves from everyone else. However, we don’t need to do this. We have to realize that we are not alone and God is always with us. When we try to take on the world by ourselves we will never win. Yes, you will improve aspects in your life but you’ll never be complete without God.

It has not been easy going back to a God I turned my back on or ignored for so long. Sometimes I feel I don’t know God but I’m now realizing He’s always willing and able to talk. At first when I was reading the Bible it didn’t make much sense because I haven’t read it so long. I just thought, “Well since I’m sober now and I’m doing my best I’m good.” However, it’s more to that. Let me bring you to the book of Philippians 4:13 (New King James Version) “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” I didn’t think much of this verse. When I read it I was just like whatever, okay, cool.

But when I stopped relying on my own understanding and let go of my ego I realized that God will always have my back. With God’s strength anything can happen. I’ve had many people take advantage of me to the point where I thought about revenge. However, I now realize revenge isn’t necessary. All it will do is make me feel worse. Even though self improvement and taking a walk with God can be a very painful experience, it can also be very enlightening. So here are a couple of things that I can believe will help you in your journey with Him.

If it’s wrong it’s WRONG: Earlier I said that we as people have egos. Well this is true. This comes from our flesh. Our flesh wants these worldly desires so it tricks our minds into believing we need them. For example: Sex. Sex is supposed to be in the coventant of MARRIAGE not a RELATIONSHIP. During the relationship stage that’s when you are figuring out if there is a future between you and your partner. If there isn’t one then cut them loose. Breakups hurt and bring upon bad memories but once you open your heart to God he will show you the way.

Read the Bible: You must read the Bible for yourself. If you have any questions, review with them men and women of God. Do not, I repeat, do not rely on your own understanding because you will misinterpret the Bible. Even though we all misinterpret things because we are human. None of us are perfect but most of us think we are. Many of us are not able to humble ourselves and just say, “I was wrong” because of yet again, our egos. Your ego is your own personal demon playing with you. The devil wants to trick you into thinking you’ll never be good enough, you’re worthless, and everyone else is a fake but you. These are all lies and if you are misrepresenting God based on your own personal teachings you need to stop now!

Walk by faith and not by sight: I’m not a rich man. At this point, I don’t want to be. Don’t get me wrong I’m not flat broke and I don’t inspire to be. I believe that man needs to work for what is his because it’s not good to be lazy. Laying around in misery is not what God wants at all. He wants you to talk to him. Years ago, I wanted to be rich and famous because I let family and friends convince me that money is everything when money is just a tool. Now, I can care less who knows me. As long as God approves of me that’s my main concern. We need to realize that when you do good by others you will never have a problem accumulating money. You will always be financially stable and never have to worry about your next meal, how your car will be fixed, or any trivial thing because when you are a good righteous person God will make a way for you.

Life right now is spiritual warfare. But with God anything is possible. God will show you the light even in the darkness. However, you must allow Him to show you the way. How can you even see the light if you choose to continue in your evil ways? I rest my case.

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